Double Tag

Like Preeti, I am completing two tags in one post.

Nikhil tagged asking me to list the 10 websites I often visit.










Google Reader

Gaurav recently finished reading Chetan Bhagat’s latest novel “The 3 Mistakes of my Life” and did a small review in his blog. He also mentioned the three mistake of his(Gau’s) life and tagged me to list mine. This is tough!

I cannot really think of much, so am not going into the details.

1. Discontinued attempts at learning Music/ Musical instruments. Damn! I started a couple of things and left them in the middle. I really regret this. I go “wow” when people recognize ragas and such. I consider it to be some eighth wonder. I wish I can sing!

2. I think I could have gone into writing or some profession related to that. Something like journalism. It’s not that I don’t love my job/profession, but I should have given other options a thought.

3. There were a few girls who came and went. :P

If anyone wants to do this tag, please feel free to do so.

This weekend has been good so far. Much better than the boring last. We went to the Indian store, temple and then had really good lunch buffet. Completely south Indian. And in the evening, went to Lake Johnson trail. My roomie and I have made it regular now. Feels good. I pinged one of my friends “Hey, sweetie” and her mom responded saying she is not in town. Brilliant! I told her that I thought she was online from there and said nothing further. She is cool, by the way.

Packed day tomorrow! French Open finals, Formula One, Germany’s first match of Euro 2008 and Game 2 of NBA finals!

And yeah, most important, on our way back from lunch, we managed to get tickets for Dasavatharam. Thursday night 8.15 pm show. That means I would have seen the movie by the time you guys finish your breakfast on Friday in India. Muhahaha. Heee Haaw!


13 thoughts on “Double Tag

  1. Journalism?

    Lucky you, cause if you HAd done it, you would have HAD to do it in chennai in UG at MCC and fortunately that is NOT MOP . So basically, you escaped hell.


  2. Ayo! I was to go for the preview here too…Unfortunately (or fortunately) Dad has a trip planned to Munnar and so we r headin out thursday night…cha! But im veryyyyy skeptical…i think it’s gonna flop (if ur a fan, ignore that last bit!)

    Nadal won :( Me not happy!


  3. Basically romba hype kuduthale i tink it will konjam flop…And it’s like gonna be toooo much of action packed into one…Like u know…he aimed at making it one big film and enalam pana mudiyumo, he’s tried that…i think tat may juz bomb.. :-/


  4. I just hate it when moms, sisters etc login as someone same holds for women logging in as their BFs. I once pinged someone something so inappropriate that I can’t even type it here, but then thats guy speak. His GF replied saying that he was sleeping….

    don’t worry bout Dasavataram pa, detroit is all buzzing with kamal fever. I cheer for thalaiva as well as kamal and the man is a legend. I can’t find any two of his movies that are similar, and despite the hype and horrible music I still feel that it will be good. Also I’m hoping that the picturization will make the songs even more likable.


  5. LOL@sweetie bit. thank your lucky starts it ain’t the DAD! :P tis safer to use amru way of…sugar, lambikins & suchlike. ;) :D
    watching Dasa on FRIDAY THE 13TH! :D


  6. Where is cricinfo I say? Where where? Sollu pa thanbi sollu.

    Where is youporn, pornotube et. al.? (I have a few special secret ones which I don’t want to share).

    Youth points: -5


  7. wt: enjoy dasa! lol@sugar,lambikins!

    ok:I am a cricket fan like any average Indian but I am not as big a fan as you are. I prefer soccer or tennis to cricket any day. So cricinfo is not a site I visit daily.

    And porn is again not something I see daily! Nee enna addict ah? Adhu enna secret ones? dailymotion?red tube? :p


  8. One of these days, I am going to do a whole hate post on Orkut and Facebook. Bloody addictive sites.
    And every desi loves IndiaFM, right? It’s their lifeline, I reckon. IMDB should come higher up in the rankings! Hell, its poster should be hung on a wall and be prayed to daily and incense sticks lit under it.
    It’s never too late to get into a profession like writing. You can go on with your geeky job and still write, right?
    Oh, and Nadal won again! I can’t believe it! What happens to Federer in Rolland Garros! BTW, I saw the finals live last year (yeah, I like showing off :D) and it seemed pretty obvious that Nadal’s energy level was much much higher than Federer’s. I mourned for one whole day when he lost again this year. Stupid Frogs. They should just give away the trophy to him and honour him. Fools!


  9. I dont know why I feel like I have a response to EVERY one of your posts

    1) PhD comics are hilarious. I’m not even a grad student yet, but i’ve probably read a HUGE proportion of those :P You should read Calvin and Hobbes. You’ll probably like it. Are you a stereotypical grad student?
    2) I’ve been learning paatu for my whole life and I still suck at recognizing raaga’s. Make that paatu mridangam and bharathanatyam… and my sister learns paatu bharathanatyam and carnatic violin. Bombay Jayshree aunty is like my close family friend, and she’s even stayed at our house in Canada. Pretty disgraceful, no wonder my poor teacher gets so mad at me. It’s not too late to start though… there’s a lot of instruments you can even learn yourself, like guitar. And nowadays with teachers teaching over skype (I live in Canada and my teacher is in Chennai), learning is a lot easier!


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