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Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic

She is lovely, isn’t she? She is just totally amazing. She plays too well, and she looks so hot. Actually, she is not hot. She is beautiful. There is this thin line in between, you see. She has that, what you call in Tamil, “lakshanam” or whatever. If you tell a Tam Brahm who doesn’t follow tennis that she is a Tam Brahm, they’ll believe you. Like that. Get the drift?

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15 thoughts on “B-E-A-utiful

  1. Ah..yes, Tam Brahm from the long lost “Milosevic” gotram! lol. She is really pretty though – even prettier than Sharapova and Kournikova! Seems they make em hotter on the other side of the Iron Curtain.


  2. BR: Lol @ milosevic gotram and other side of iron curtain!!

    ok: Sada is keyava! Or rather keyavi! (that was just for rhyme!) Seriously, such bad taste da! Sada, Payal rohtagi! You are hopeless! :p


  3. Mayth! hahahaha! Her ‘moonji’ has lakshanam aa? Ada mugam nu solirnda, probably better…Hahahaha!!!

    And OK??? SADA??? REALLY??!! Aduku Wolfie oda Trisha ve better!


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