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A School to Cherish

Sometime during my engineering, I came across this small kid somewhere, who asked me, ” Do you know what PSBBSSS stands for?” And before I could answer, he blurted out, ” Pattani Sundal Bonda Bhajji Suda Suda Sambar.” I was tempted to ask,” Dei, ennake va”? (Look, who you are talking to!)

Though I was only fortunate enough to be in this school till the age of 10, I cherished every moment spent inside the campus in K.K. Nagar. I remember every little experience I’ve had, right from the day I joined, the days mom used to drop me, the days I started going in the school bus from Ayodhya Mandapam, the attendance for bus every evening, the temple, Silver Jubilee Hall, Annual Day celebrations in Kamaraj Memorial Hall, the PTA meetings, story and poem reciting competitions, the prayers, the cycle tests and the name of every teacher that has taught me. My first school.

I went to three schools in my life. It was never the same. Growing up in PSBB was an altogether different experience. People in my family and close friends always had high regards for kids from PSBB. I don’t know where that came from but I guess it just grew on everyone. One of my uncles went to PSBB when it was begun and the classrooms were literally huts. There was never a dull moment in this school. I’ve seen my brother, spending the years I did in PSBB, in a different school, and I can state with assurance it was not the same. It was more of a joy ride for me.

When I went back to Madras for my engineering, I heard from many people about how PSBB is not the same anymore. It lost it’s “charm”. They couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not that PSBB lost all it’s charm. It’s only the fact that many more schools have come about in this period and have tried to reach the standards set by PSBB and they almost did. PSBB will remain PSBB. It was never about only the education. There is a brand name associated with students that come out of PSBB which I’ve not experienced or witnessed with any other school. They are always a class apart and you can single them out from a crowd. I am probably totally biased here but am also blatantly truthful. I’ve seen many people till date and I keep seeing them every passing day. There have been several moments of ” You are PSBB? No wonder!”

If I had not left PSBB in 1995, I wouldn’t have discovered a beautiful new city, a city that must be experienced at exactly the ages I did, a city that I eternally fell in love with. A sinful bit more than my native- Madras. But, nevertheless, it would remain a regret, not having completed my schooling, in an institution like this one!


22 thoughts on “A School to Cherish

  1. I completely agree with you! Love PSBB to the core! Get all nostalgic thinking about the great times. To this day regret leaving PSBB in 10th to join ‘state board’. And i was in PSBB-Main! All of us here, even the teachers, used to think we were better than the KK nager folks! lol :)


  2. I can’t agree with you more. Ppl keep saying PSBB has lost its charm n all…but PSBB is PSBB. Especially that ‘PSBB a? Athaan!’ line that gets thrown at as everywhere we go.

    I do miss that potti madri school (main school if you will). I can go on and on and on, but this is your blog. I wont steal your thunder.

    Yaayy Padma Seshadri..and Chandra Ramani :D


  3. ah PSBB kknagar, i remm a cute girl called nitya who broke down after losin to us in the quaterfinals of BQC. Pretty famous school, i see. Being from Bhavans(BVB) we’ve had a similar status in teh society…..


  4. I’m gonna cry now. VIVA PSBB!! We rule! Irrespective of the whole PSBB is not PSBB anymore…what the hell, we’re the best! and mayth ! Chakku was the best no? her pattu podavais and that jewelry…lol . Shyamala Shekar is another legend…Oh I’m tearing up already. PSBB!!!!! =D =D


  5. I miss my potti school. and the canteen. and madhuram ma’am in the 1st floor office.
    She would call me ‘chellam’
    I miss walking to that ground.
    PSBB was like home…

    hey kknagar boy, vasini govindarajan your batch a? She’s my cousin. :D


  6. Talking of PSBB quotes, I remember when I went for classes for my CA entrance, the accounts teacher there got pissed with us (we were talking, obviously) and asked which school we were from. We proudly said “PSBB” and he said, “CBSE naale rendu kombu molachirkara nenappu, PSBB na sollave vena, naalu kombu irukunne neneppo?”
    He was wrong, obviously.
    Englukku naalu komba illa sir, naalayiram kombu irukku.

    Ahahahahahaha =D


  7. Archana: Where did you jump from? Hehe, you committed blasphemy after tenth. And about KK Nagar, yeah right, the whole world knows, KKN rocks!

    Mayth: :D One of a kind haan?

    Maxu: Aiyaaa…. :P


    Don’t cry! Lol, it’s been only one year since you left na? Hmmm.

    Vasini Govindarajan IS my batch. But I don’t know her from PSBB. I know her from SVCE :D

    Cousin ah? Adi pavi. I won’t ask her about you, you won’t ask her about me. Seri ah? Deal ah?

    Wait wait wait! Ohhhhhhhhh avala neee? :P
    In that case, we would have met in darshini’s arangetram in vani mahal la? You were that cousin hogging all the limelight. It was you, dhane? :P

    The world has indeed shrunk to the size of a pea, haan!


  8. the days I started going in the school bus from Ayodhya Mandapam,

    *gasp! I lived on Bhaktavatsalam street for 4 years :|
    cousins went to PSBB, KK Nagar TOO!


  9. et tu brutus?!
    So nice to see someone write about PSBB. I have the same regard for the school as well. I did only stds 11 and 12 in PSBB, and I do strongly believe those two years are the reason for where I am today.

    And the wonderment, I sooooo totally agree!!! We can single out PSBBians from a crowd.
    My regret is I didnt study there all my school years. :–( As my PSBB friends say,” If I have studied in PSBB all my years, naan engayoo poyiruppen” :–) Acho u do understand a little tamil right?


  10. chutney: Gotcha! :P

    rads: Interesting tag!

    SK: Hmmm, I started off and did not finish but you finished off there! Ippave engyooo irukka, idhuku mela enga ponum!

    Naa tamil brahmin iyer boy. Vaathima. I know Tamil even if I can only say vaiya paiyam!


  11. Hallo…Tamil terila nu scene la poteenga na avalo dan…PSBB and SVCE shudv taught u quite a bit, no LOT of tamil!

    And PSBB…i know i may not echo the same same sentiments…but im quite close cuz when i gt bak from bahrain i WANTED to join ONLY PSBB..and mayth was there too…i had an entrance on the 3rd of April there and on the 2nd i (unfortunately) had to go too DAV and i got admission…My dad was ecstasic and i was busy beating my chest and oppari vechufying…My Dad was distributing sweets while i was distributing saline water to the plants…And the rest is history….which cannot even be repeated :(


  12. @Chutney: Ramani rocked man! I was her favourite student (cos I was the only one who bothered to take notes n all…)..but I have my tales to share too. I ve been given warning slips n all :O :O
    It was good entertainment…cha I miss that woman! :)

    @Preets: Lol…at he oppAri vechufying :))
    It would have been awesome if youd joined PSBB,…cha I cant imagine the way life would have rocked even more :D :D Oh well :)


  13. @Mayth: Yea it would’ve been awesome right? Aaargh!

    @Adithya: DAV definitely was :P like that emoticon with the green, putrid face…it was THAT bad and more…hmmm thought i was actually hardly rhere in school to experience it!


  14. no doubt you can call it regret, but I feel you would have missed the exposures of mumbai which had groomed you what you are now



  15. I have no idea how I missed this post :-) Silver Jubilee Hall indeed, running around barefoot during Anniversary practise, indoor prayers for 9-12, and candle lighting ceremony and farewell! Just that one hall holds way too many memories. I miss PSBB :-(


  16. There was one teacher calld Radha.. she taught us in 8th std at psbb tproad.. but got married unfortunately :( She was the best I guess. And yeah, PSBB ROCKS! I miss that potti school., and tp road too. It was just too good a place to spend your childhood at.

    BTW, YGP ore pugazchi for ARR on all channels :D ellam PSBB mahimai ;) hahaha. She’s always been proud of her students.


  17. i am 1970 batch at PSBB.. Even today after 5 decades i feel proud to say iam a PSBBian… thats the aura the school carries… yes things do change over a period of time… some good some not so good… but overall the school still caries the good name, thanks to the students who worked hard to safe guard its reputation.. not to mention the good work by successive teachers..
    jai ho psbb


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