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Indians Still Inhabit the Mountains

Well, yes. The long weekend turned out to be memorable. The second road trip in America, not a very long drive like the previous one, more people, well organized and that translated to some nice time.

The highlight was white water rafting. Some real good fun it was.

I never knew Gatlinburg was a prominent destination. The place is buzzing with tourists and downtown Gatlinburg resembled Brigade road of Bangalore in every sense. The size, the parking areas, the crowd, the shops, the sidewalks etc. And to fool you further, the place is full of Indians. If the Cherokee tribes/Indians lived in these mountains centuries ago, it’s us Desis swarming the place right now as tourists. I didn’t even see so many Desis on Times Square. Every second I would see a Desi. S and I came out of an American restaurant and heard an elderly man telling his kid, ” Saapadlama pa, ulle po, po, Saapadlan(Shall we eat, go inside, we’ll eat)”. ROFL, we went right there. Families, newly married couples, couples with kids, grad students like us et al. I also got a strange feeling that all the good (looking) Indian girls are taken. Are they? :-?

The hiking trails took almost half the day. You have a destination in mind and you go on and on and on, wondering how the hell are you going to make it back. But then, the return journeys turn out to be a lot easier. It’s all in the mind, I guess.


29 thoughts on “Indians Still Inhabit the Mountains

  1. haha@desis everywhere :)

    Well, I didn’t see many and I went the week before Labor day. Maybe it’s the long weekend thing?

    There’s dearth of girls? Weird. I see them everywhere!


  2. Pics looks nice, and talking about good (looking) girls, i think thats how girls feel all boys (good looking) are taken.
    Ans talking about desi’s, dude i was surprised at the number in niagara falls, for a moment i was not sure if this is hyderabad or Niagara Falls, US.


  3. we went rafting in colorado during spring break. the water was freezing and the adrenalin rush on level IV rapids gave a whole new def to the term bone-chilling…


  4. Yeah I’m j too :|
    But I ll be there in a few months…so jay n all, shortlived :D

    Lovely pics.
    See you were cliff-ifying aana didnt jump off. Po, :| I could have used a sooper-thriller post :D :P


  5. @preeti:



    yeah probably because of a more famous long weekend. You see them everywhere? I don’t!


    Hmmm, tell them I am not taken!


    The water was chilling here too! I cannot imagine how it would have been in Colorado during spring. :O


    America mappulai ah?? Besh Besh! Where here? Lol, yeah right that was the highest point. Thevaya!


  6. nice pics! seems like a fun place. i would rather find it creepy on not finding desis around. yes, cali does that to people! :D curious q related to the second pic…all ye wandering souls are pondering over….? :D

    w.r.t to aditi…the starting ‘a’ and ending ‘ti’ is right on track. you can take a guess at the alphabets between. :p :D

    @mayth: amreeka mapplai? solvayila. :D


  7. @Pree: nah,none of those! but before wolfie wakes up & kicks us for spamming, we betta take this to your blog. :)


  8. Oh yes, Amreeeka maapilai it is. Closer to thee indeed. Aaana how closer thaan therila :-? East Coast :D

    Oh btw I know WT’s thiru name…its a lovely one..But I’m not telling :P


  9. @wt:

    lol@ creepy on not finding desis. I’ve heard Cali does that. I believe Cali has Indians (that too namba belt gumbal!), Mexicans and Hollywood stars. No one else!

    For the pic, yeah, we were all wondering which angle to take the pic in and someone already clicked :P But came out nice na?!

    Hmmm, I do have few guesses, but you are good as WT. But I won’t complain if Preeti finds out. And I see she has ran out of guesses!


  10. dude, i went rafting over the weekend too.. it was soofer fun… but there was an indian girl sitting right infront of me on the raft who was massaging the water instead to paddling.. bleddy killjoy!

    and i would rather go to a place where there are fewer indians..:P.. ofcourse, this rule doesn’t apply to single indian women.. i don’t have any problems seeing them anywhere..


  11. @pinky:
    thanks. yeah, more beautiful during fall i guess.


    Where did you disappear? Don’t think so da. Had plans for July 4 weekend but don’t think that’s happening now.


    ROFL@massaging the water! Single Indian women? Where are they? You are at least, working, so better chances. Right now, internship, so fine.Otherwise, am in grad school, so absolutely worstu!


  12. There is no destination in US where one can’t find Desis and Chinkus. And about the “Are all the girls takent” part, that thought has been lurking in my mind too for some time now. God’kkey light!


  13. @wolfie: ahahaha@namba belt gumbal! :D yes, so-cal is that way. and bay area nammava and gongura pickles have taken charge. poorie whites are a minority.:D

    pic is pretty with that kind of bg. :)

    aha, ok! but Mayth & Preeti opined on me not living up to the w- part. maybe a nick change is in order! :D

    @Mayth: thankee. chamath Mayth! :D


  14. @akka:

    Hmmm, not so close, but not far :)


    I spent full ten minutes to make sense out of God’kkey light! Lol, really, God’kkey light only! :D


    thankoo for the pic! Yeah, what’s so wicked, I would like to know :P


  15. good read da…Aana, andha 3rd pic-a patha enaku indha dialogue dhan nyabagam varudhu….”Manidhar unarndhu koLLa idhu manidha kaadhal alla …..”


  16. @wt: ahem!

    @pinky: Don’t miss rafting, the next time you get a chance!

    @Ravi: LOL, only you’ll think like that! I have not yet graduated to that situation :P


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