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Off to Gatlinburg

In honor of Memorial day and all the “hard” work, we’ve been putting in, my workplace let me go at 2.30 today to kick start the long weekend and make it extra long! So we are off to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for some trekking in the Smoky Mountains, white water rafting and the experience of living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Leaving tomorrow morning at 6 am. So, no laptops, no refreshing inbox, no build error messages, no pings on Gtalk. Of course, I would be having my mobile so that my mom can reach me and make sure I am not doing anything unsafe. Whatever that means. So, we start in 7 hours time. A Dodge Avenger and a Nissan Sentra. Should be fun.

In other news, do listen to the music of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. For exactly three reasons:

* In the past few years, you would have rarely heard anything as refreshing as this one from Hindi film music, except a few occasional flash in the pans.

* If you are into rock music, there isn’t anyone other than A.R Rahman and Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy, who could produce music(in movies) that you would lend an ear or two to.

* You may not like it, and it’s definitely not the best of Rahman, but it just establishes the fact that, in Indian music(movies) only his creations ooze with a lot of life in them.

Have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “Off to Gatlinburg

  1. I wish i could do something exciting! But u gooooooo enjoy n have a blast :)

    And the songs of that movie…I LOVE IT! Seriously, seriously refreshing stuffffffff!!!!


  2. How was your trip? We were off to Lake George and had fun.
    Tell me something you are 20 something and still think this way “Of course, I would be having my mobile so that my mom can reach me and make sure I am not doing anything unsafe.”
    And my son who is barely 2 years old doesn’t want me holding his hands while crossing the road and shoo’s me off by saying a firm “no” and shugging his hands off?


  3. @Arun:
    Smokies WAS fun :D


    I know, I wish I knew an Aditi :P


    Aaha, akka, so much you like thambi ah?? :P


    I loved the place too!


    Enjoyed :D


    Coming soon. :D Your name is aditi? :P


    Are you saying I am a good boy? Or that I am still like a kid? :D It’s good, either way :)


  4. Aditya, i was saying how about me taking some tips from your mommy or u passing on some good qualities to my little brat. And you will be amazed to hear the number of time he says “NO”


  5. Definately an eye opener. Thanks. Do you have any plans to follow up on this post. I hope that others will see this and contributeas well. I’ve already bookmarked this so I don’t have to wade through all the other sites. Believe me I’ve been at this for a week :)


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