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This is it. I’ve confirmed it a million times now. One of the most annoying things in day to day life is, when you are with two other persons and they keep talking in a language common only to them, while you are standing right there wondering if you are wearing an invisibility cloak of some sort.

This is a common faux-pas (I consider it so) that many people commit, despite being well educated, widely read or whatever strata of society they come from. I am not sure if they are oblivious to the whole issue or they simply don’t care. People close to me ( friends, roommates) don’t do it as far as I’ve noticed. And if a person who am comfortable with does it, I make it a point to make it clear to them. I reply in Hindi or English if someone comes and talks to me in Tamil when I am with a different group.

People, it is very very annoying, I say.


18 thoughts on “Grr_Max

  1. Aditya, I totally agree with this. My husband has been a recipient of this behavior during our stay in Hyderabad, He would stand in a group and people will start talking in telugu totally ignoring him. I don’t have a solution for this problem, looks like people forget basic manners sometime…


  2. heehe, yea Ive noticed that with the Bongs. (ok, i generalize!)
    ..but see, am occasionally guilty myself. in my huge over enthusiasm in finding another telugu to talk with I switch to that language. Most of the time it’s just when we are not in any other langue company, but see what do u do when they act like phirangs and insist on continuing in English?

    see, problems everywhere :D


  3. Tell me abt it. I have seen people talking to themselves in Hindi/Tamil when they are with a group of Americans. How insane right!!


  4. can’t agree more. with Indian Students Assoc at the Uni being split into further regional tents…total arrgh! :|


  5. @preeti:

    i’ll try and report the consequences :p


    best thing to do!


    i totally pity your husband. I’ve been on the receiving end from such Telugu people too.




    Lol, i would generalize by saying, I see all Telugu people doing it :p . But then, over enthu for finding a fellow golti is too much. They are everywhere :p




    talk about ISAs and mini politics. Total worstu.


  6. Yeah, know what you mean totally. Despite being in TN, my team at work was natianl IntegAration, and I\s suddenlyfeel Idbe better off knowing kannada or Bengali. Irony I say.


  7. I guess that’s rude, but if you hear Marathi people, exp. old ladies speaking Hindi, esp to UP guys, you’ll agree that sometimes it’s better if people stuck to their own languages.

    Marathi Lady (to UP guy), explaining Marathi wedding custom

    “Hamare lagna mein ladka ladki ko ghaas khilata hai.”
    In Marathi, “ghaas” means morsel, whereas in Hindi, of course, ghaans means grass, perplexing the UP guy out of all shape.


  8. @preeti:

    i trust you on that! :p


    :D You leave your stamp wherever you go :P


    funny! Eight years in Bombay have taught me nothing beyond “Pude Zaa” in marathi!


    I pity you!


  9. i felt the same thing when we were in mumbai. i was confident that i can very well manage in hindi. but the pepole in my office starts talking in marathi and the sad part is that the CM will also starts talking in marthi leaving the officers to blink.(only officers are from south)



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