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Escape to Poonamalee

‘So what do we do?’, asked V. It was around 1 pm in the afternoon and the heat had become unbearable. No one remained in college except for the four of us. At least no one in sight.

‘Let’s try the main gate, once again, shall we?’, I proposed. G shrugged, but A and V already started walking towards the main gate. The side gate was closed. There was a sekoority ( this is how G liked to spell) guarding it and he was not allowing us outside. Just ten minutes before he had let a gang of around twenty five to pass. We were either too late or plain unlucky.

‘I think we can try giving him something’, said A. I liked the idea and reached for my pocket. G went ahead and spoke to the sekoority. He seemed convinced and mumbled something smiling. About ten seconds passed. ‘Keep it on the table and leave’, he said.

So we left. Finally, we could take the one and half hour journey back home in the rickety bus that goes to the city. As we stepped outside and walked away from the gate, a car emerged out from the college and turned towards us. There was just one occupant, the driver of the car and no one else. Let’s call him X. It stopped just ahead of us and the man inside called us. We had no idea what to do. G went towards the car and had a chat with him. A, V and I watched from a distance.

‘He says he’ll drop us till Poonamalee’, said G, still standing next to the car. The three of us looked at each other and considered the offer for a minute. We could only sense the sweltering heat at that time and so we accepted it. A got into the car first and took the front seat next to X. V got in next, I sat in the middle and G was to my left at the back. ‘So you guys managed to get out, eh?’, said X. We said nothing. A conspicuously turned around to stare at us. ‘How?’, he asked. None of us said anything. ‘ Oh, never mind! I know how to find that out!’.

It was air conditioned and so none of us was sweating. But we still felt the heat. He went on. ‘ I just saw three girls telling the sekoority inside that they were not well. Later, I see them jumping the fence behind the cricket ground.’ We remained quiet.

Out of the blue he asked, ‘ So what do you think about the syllabus of the university?’. I had no idea what to say. G, the rebel that he is, started off. ‘ We cannot really comment on that as it is only our second semester. But right now, it doesn’t look good. Why are we, computer science students, made to study Engineering mechanics, physics, chemistry and mechanical workshop? The system needs a total revamp. The syllabus is messed up and requires some drastic changes. Blah Blah Blah’.

‘ I see’, said X and nothing more. A phone rang on the dashboard and it was right next to A. A picked it up and looked at the screen. He handed it over to X, saying ‘ X calling’. ‘Oh, that’s me. They are calling from my house. Tell them am driving and I’ll talk later’. A did the needful and kept the phone back on the dashboard. There was a slight hint of giggle on his face and you could tell he was trying very hard to suppress. Meanwhile, G, next to me was literally giggling. He would later say, ‘ Who the hell saves his home phone number under his own name da?!!’ I couldn’t control myself there. V was surprisingly composed and sitting quiet in his own world.

Then came the bomb. Poonamalee was just two minutes away. X asks, ‘ So do you know who I am?’ All of us shook our heads and looked at each other. X went on, ‘ I am X, the new IT Head of the Department. I’ve just come from blah blah and joined blah blah…’

Oh. My. God. A perfect colon pipe moment for all of us and if it wasn’t a car, we would have just disappeared in no time. Nobody said anything. Not even X. Just before Poonamalee, he asked, ‘ So where do you guys live?’ We said one by one, ‘ Sir, Kilpauk’, ‘ West Mambalam’, ‘ Anna Nagar’, ‘ Arumbakkam’. It was probably a mistake. He looked at me and said, ‘ Oh, then I could probably drop you all the way’. I got out of the car and then replied, ‘ No Sir, thanks, this will do’.

(Absolutely bored, so decided to pen this four year old incident down. For a lot of people, it would seem, ‘what’s the big deal’, but it is my college, Madras and all that jazz)


27 thoughts on “Escape to Poonamalee

  1. :–D
    Yeah I thought he would be the Dean or something.
    What will be more interesting to know is what happened when u met him next as HOD ;–D


  2. Hahaha! I had a VERY similar incident at Sathyabama…TOTAL Deja vu man! 8 of us girls from my class got caught by, none other than, the graeat Jeppiaar himself…While trying to get outta college AFTER college timings cuz we had extra class that got over at 4 while the bus was at 5.30…Enga thala ezhuthuku avar kitta la matanumnu irundudu…

    But we actually had fun…I dont know if uv heard, but we have this thing called OD- Office Duty in Sathyabama…whr if we gt caught for somethin, we;ll have to stand outside the office, or rather tis TREE in the HOT SUN till we get pardoned by the thala…

    We had a super time..daily mornin we’d go, wait for him till 9 am and they’d send us bak home in a chartered bus…that was supposed to be punishment, not making us attend college…aana chance e illa…i used to love it! :D


  3. @ok:

    I know, it is predictable!


    Hehe, nothing happened. We were CS and he was IT hod. So, never gotta meet him again. :D


    Jeepiaar himself eh? KD ponnunga pa. Keep the long comments coming :P


  4. I can totally imagine the expression on you faces when he announced who he was…..This one time I was traveling from Bhopal to Nagpur with my sister and there was this guy sitting in front of me. We were giggly teenagers then and started talking about all and sundry in telugu, we also mentioned something about this guy also. So the time when the train was almost in Nagpur station he told us to be careful about what we are talking in “TELUGU”. We almost died there.


  5. sounds like lot of fun! :) Have missed out going to school in India..hmmm..maybe will do my masters there! hehe.


  6. I once ragged a junior lecturer mistaking her for a junior. Man, she then was in charge of our java labs…. I think this warrants a new post, thnx for the nudge adi..


  7. lol lol! i freaked out when he said who he was, phew!still cant stopeed laughing at him storing his home no in his name!!!! n ya u shld ahve accepted his lift back home :p


  8. Hahahaha! Totally deja vu! It happened to me in my new school when we’d just moved to Chandigarh. I was waiting outside the school office, waiting for the receptionist as I had to pay for some school club and it was at the end of my very first day. This guy strolled in, saw that the receptionist isn’t there, sat next to me and started talking. I thought it was some kid’s parent/grandparent or something and being a (then) talkative kid, I started grumbling about how I hated the city and how I absolutely loathed the school, how my previous one was much better, how I didn’t like the so-and-so thing in the school. He smiled indulgently and said, “Yeah, every student of this school must be tortured, isn’t it?”. I squealed, “Oh yeah! Four years for me here will be BAD!” A classmate of mine who had seen me sitting there with a sour face told me the next day that I was talking to the principal and I was scared to death. But then, the principal being the bestestest (yes, we were all a bit too fond of him) saw the funny side and he never mentioned it again, except for asking me every time if I liked the school better. I love these kind of situations! =D It makes me believe that the Universe has a very wicked sense of humour.
    Ok, sorry for rambling. But I guess I can’t help competing for the top rambler honours. :D


  9. @jayashri:
    hehe, everyone’s had similar experience at some point.

    Lol, you so want to have a bad time? :P


    ROFL, that should have been fun. Waiting for the post.


    I know :D


    hehe, really? :P


    Phew! So, you survived four years, there? And you and preeti are excused for those ramblings :P


  10. Wicked! :)) This happened to me in school though..I was cursing my math teaching for not knowing supplimentary angles from complimentary angles and stuff…and to my surprise he was standing behind me and listneing to the entire conversation. I ran to the ladies room and cried my heart out thinking that my entire future in enducation would be ruined :P
    However, he later comes up to me after class and asks me why I thought his teaching sucked and what he had to do to make is classes more interesting. I thought of giving him a ‘why dont you try taking..proper maths first’ line but he was way to embarrassed by the reputation he had in class anyway.

    Preets might know him…remember Moorthy sir Preets? :D


  11. Hmmm a recount of a college incident and only one comment from an SVCE-ian .. Gone global with blog eh adi ? :P .. Anyway i remember this .. Mainly cuz it was so funny .. someone told me abt this the next day and was laughin so hard :-) .. Write more of these stories to make up for the laziness of the rest of us da :-P


  12. @J: Gone global ah? Lol.

    @Dilip: Yes, SVCE. This happened early 2004. Well, once he developed a reputation, even I was amazed how we escaped. Those were just early days.


  13. IT HOD?? lol… u guys were nuts. :) But back in 2nd sem, I dont think u had to take this much pains to escape… our own HOD gave away outpasses so tht we cud go home for Ind-Pak cricket match! Sigh… He changed sooooo much after tht though.. ;)


  14. Thats a rather interesting story. There was something about profs in my engineering college though that made seniors dress the freshers in a dress code that made them strikingly similar to the profs- probably the reason why ragging was so strictly admonished. It came to be known as the “freshie dress code” heh.

    Long time reader,first time comment-er, me.


  15. @suprema:

    that was only for B batch pets like you :P


    glad, you started commenting! haha @ freshie dress code. Where was this? Places outside Chennai too have dress codes??? :O


  16. lol… written with full suspense.. cud have been nice.. if u guys got some punishment like OFFICE DUTY at st.Joseph’s :D


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