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Of Paperwork, Bulbs and Bad Movies

It’s amazing how I have all the time to blog bang in the middle of a semester amongst the heap of work. Now that I am jobless, this page remains static for a week.

So quick updates.

I have been running around with a lot of paperwork to be completed before the start of next week. And with the buses operating on limited service, it’s all about long walks to main campus, minute details missing on documents, asking for changes, waiting, refreshing inbox and all that.

And then on Tuesday, we decided to watch Kuruvi in theater. My roommate and me are big fans of Trisha. She is just ultimate. Her wallpaper lasts the longest time on my desktop. So, we spent $10 on Kuruvi and came out minutes before the climax. Please, please do not watch it. I don’t know what they were trying. Probably another Gilli but they miserably fail in that attempt.

I watched Santosh Subramaniam though. Damn good movie. Genelia was good. Some people said Bommerilu, the Telugu version is better but I guess you’ll like whichever you see first. I’ve not watched any new Hindi flick. Almost all are duds these days. This year, I’ve seen just one so far. Mithya. And it was excellent.

Started watching Weeds. Quite good. It’s remarkable that everyone apart from the lead character comes across as very irritating. Poor Nancy Botwin. I kind of like Mary-Louise Parker.

Desipundit had link to this post with photographs of an aerial view of Bombay. Simply love them. I wanted to write a separate post on this but this blog is already congested with a lot of things Bombay. So, peace.

I have been eating out a lot. On Monday, it was Burger King (I hate the place, but), then Papa John’s Pizza, then Cool Breeze chat, then Saffron in Morrisville and Cool Breeze once again. Have to stop. For health. For $$.

Saturday was the biggest disappointment of them all. We decided to drive 80 miles to Ashboro to visit the NC Zoo. The place is huge and supposed to be a lot of fun. We drove all the way only to find out that some water pipe broke and they decided to remain closed. Drove back. There was no makeshift plan and all the other places seemed too far to start in the afternoon. Semma bulb. Just ate, drank whatever we had bought and came home to a long boring day.


13 thoughts on “Of Paperwork, Bulbs and Bad Movies

  1. I liked Santhosh Subramaniam too, Genelia was cute. And Jayam Ravi is sooper. :D

    Anyhow, there are tonss of kuruvi jokes doing the rounds in the city. Take this one for example.

    4 birds were sitting on an electricity post. A hunter came and shot one of the,. 2 birds flew away. 1 stayed. Why?

    Yenna adhu vijay oda Kuruvi. Odave odaadhu.

    Oh and I liked this one too:

    Boy:I am so in love with you?
    Girl: What will you do if I say no?
    Boy: I’ll catch a bus n go see Kuruvi
    Girl: The moment you decided that you will risk your very life for our love, I cannot hide my love anymore! I love you too!
    ^Kuruvi..connecting people!^


  2. Hahahaha! Thank GOD i dint go watch kuruvi…really! My kutti cousinz have been begging me to take them, aana i kept postpoining it…inime it’s a NO WAY!

    Santosh Subramaniam…likd it? I liked it too! Was a really nice feel good movie…No masala and nothing over-melodramatic..and Genelia was cute too!

    And i heard there’s some sotha dialogue like,”Naanga appa pecha keka matom aana appa ku onnu na vida matom” or something…Aandavaaaaa!!!


  3. ah kuruvi seems like a movie made just for me…

    true after watchin siddharth int he telugu version, jeyam ravi seems miles behind. But then I guess it dependsont eh director as well, though I hate Dhanush I felt that ‘yaradi ne mohini’ was better handled than AMAV.

    trisha is a bomb!


  4. Bommarilu with Siddarth scores better for me.;) Ravi’s voice just annoys the heck out of me. Too bad, he can’t do much about it! :D Not planning to watch another Vijay’s movie, learnt a lesson the horror way aka ATM. *shudders.
    Zoos are fun…i loved the memphis zoo, those pandas are really cute. :) Is NC Zoo like the one in Dallas, where you can take car tours?
    lol@ lavanya’s kuruki jokes. :D


  5. What? You liked that irritating female? Was she trying to be jolly or mentally retarded?

    “Please Santosh”

    “One clock? Two clock?”

    I felt like catching her and smacking some sense into her.


  6. did you take beer with you to the zoo? wait, zoo? why man? depressed is it? :P i would rather go to the woods than see animals locked up.. :P

    i’m with Ok on Genelia’s character… she needs to shut up.


  7. @chutney:

    thangala mokkai!


    pls pls watch kuruvi for me!! :P


    Yaaridi nee mohini??? I couldn’t stand first half when my roomie was watching it. Worstu!


    Tell me about Ravi’s voice. He cannot act for nuts. He seems to think shouting over his voice is acting.


    She did overact in parts but Genelia had done pretty well. Even if that character is irritating.


    Zoo, summa! We thought we’ll go to some different place. Everyone goes to beaches, mountains and all that. Lol. And this is what we got.


  8. Oh, zoos suck. I hate to see animals caged up. Someday, I’ll go on a rampage, attack all zoos and free the animals.
    Weeds is good enough but I don’t see the whole oh-it’s-so-good-that-I’ll-die-waiting-for-the-next-season hype. I used to watch it at Someplace but frankly, given the choice, I used to pick a decent walk over an episode of it.

    BTW, are you left handed?


  9. @chutney:

    According to me, Nayanthara can never look pretty.


    Yeah, I agree weeds is not that great. I am not left handed. I just like wearing my watch on the right. From the time I was a kid. Don’t know why.


  10. Kuruvi Patha en thatha la irrunthu pakkathu vitu kutti payan varakum ora siriputhan tom and cherryku nalla competition. Porunga cartoon network la irrundu jettix kutty tv nu ella tvlum inni intha padam than.
    Santhosh sub flim is time pass


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