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Revisiting Busybee

Do you remember the late Behram Contractor? No? Or will you remember if I say, Busybee?

I was not a keen follower of his columns but I read about him and later his columns, from the collection published as Busybee. I remember, Arjun was the one who introduced them to me. He had all the books. They were published in a few volumes. This was around my ninth or tenth.

I loved his writing. Very simple, elegant, straight from the heart writing of an old school journalist. I even remember a few articles. There was one about Hema and Murli Deora, one about the character of Sachin Tendulkar and how even Azharuddin smiled when Sachin garnered all the publicity. The ones on cricket, especially India vs Pakistan matches. There was a very funny take on Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things. The “Eating Out” section reviewing the various restaurants of Bombay. I finished all the volumes as if I was reading some thriller. The articles he wrote about Bombay were probably the best.

I suddenly came across his name somewhere and did a quick Google search only to stumble on this site.

Simply brilliant. I am rereading all the articles and they are such unadulterated joy back alive from those days.


24 thoughts on “Revisiting Busybee

  1. lol, he was a columnist on TOI and then Midday. He then started his own newspaper. But was still writing the Busybee and Round and About column on Midday. If you could have just clicked on the link and checked out :)


  2. Will have to check him out (hope that didnt just sound like what I think it sounded)..

    I will come back an enlightened soul.

    btw..I commented twice in your previous post…. I cant find them :(

    Cheri no parava…congrats on job! You re making me proud of ya kid ;)


  3. @BPSK: Oh, yes I do remember. But I was not a keen follower.

    @drenched: ROFL..On behalf of WordPress and it’s staff, I apologize for having rightly chosen the gay color of purple for you :p


  4. Purple is nice. But did not look so in that weird design that was chosen by you. Looked like Rangoli and reminded of me all those dumb art classes in school gone horribly wrong. *shudders*
    Glad you removed it.
    And what did you mean by “having *rightly* chosen the *gay* color of purple for you”, huh? I want to know! *glares*
    Also, pliss to update or do something entertaining, like a dance or a song recital or something. I am romba bored.


  5. Random query (just another way of killing time) – why do you keep alternating the spellings of your name between ‘Aditya’ and ‘Adithya’? Why is the poor ‘h’ being killed and resurrected so randomly?


  6. Well, purple just seemed right. I didn’t choose it, it’s randomly generated.

    And yeah, I was having a dilemma in choosing the spelling I want. Just trying something. Jobless, don’t ask. The one with ‘h’ is the correct one though


  7. Me? On YOUR Gtalk list? What the hell is wrong with the Gtalk people, man?! They threw OK on my list yesterday and some days ago, another blogger! This is so unfair! I think Gtalk automatically adds people who you’ve emailed once or twice. Damnit! What happened to good ol’ anonymity? x-(
    And how come I can’t see you online? How’s it that I am on your list but you aren’t on mine? Is Gtalk being mean to you but not me? :D


  8. Ok, I just figured out. Go to Chat Settings on your gmail and change the setting “Automatically allow people I communicate with to chat with me and see when I am online”.

    I don’t see you. I deleted your name from the list. But the notifications still come when you come online. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.


  9. I changed it! I changed it! Phew! No more surprise contacts springing up anymore! Thengyu.
    Wait, what did you mean you deleted me? No one deletes Drenched and gets away with it! *fuming*
    *Goes and gives Adi Padi’s supari*



  10. dude! i checked out the busybee thing and it’s only about food!! my mouth was watering reading the article about “Govinda’s restaurant”.. i haven’t had good desi food for 5 years man!.. thanks a lot!


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