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Moment of Truth

Oh, so people thought something big is coming? Well, that was one spur of the moment post. I was on a high when I wrote that. It was just one of those moments!

I’ve never felt happier. I accomplished something that I thought I won’t be able to. Its a shitty attitude to approach with but that is the truth. And now having achieved it, there is finally some meaning to life. I like to talk in riddles and this post will remain that way.

You want to know how it feels like? Have you seen this? Or the more appropriate one here:

The second one where that guy searches for his name on the list? Something very very similar. And this Dairy Milk jingle fits in beautifully. And I am singing this one since that moment:

Well, in short, life is good. I am sitting in the library because my laptop conked off on Monday. Useless Dell. So, I took around four books to read. On Ok’s, Shenoy’s and Drenched’s suggestions to get back the reader in me. Spring semester officially ended today. For me, at least. The world seems like a far better place now. I had to go to Main Campus for a submission today and I smiled all along the way. Believe me, it’s hot! And that’s not just the weather. :D


41 thoughts on “Moment of Truth

  1. I know what has happened! Some great project finished and an A+ in it… and Adi Padi is in lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve. :D
    What books? Romantic stuff, huh? Huh? Huh? :P *pokes*


  2. Exactly my thoughts drenched:). I immediately guessed he got good grades. I would say a four point oh!

    And, I don’t think its love. Just good grades.

    And I think I missed a post. Can Wolf repost it please:)


  3. @drenched: If you dont crack yourself up regularly, I might have to come and crack your skull.

    I just cracked myself up with that joke!


  4. @ the girls:

    Aiyo, no! It’s not about grades. I would be the last person to worry about grades! No way! And it is not about women either. And, preeti, you did not miss any post. There were just three lines! And drenched, I took A suitable boy. Haven’t read that yet. I know, so uncool. And also took Love and Longings in Bombay


  5. Not about grades or women?
    About a… pretty BOY instead? Muahahahahahaha.

    ‘A Suitable Boy’? Great, great! Leave everything else and spend the whole Saturday and the whole Friday night doing nothing but reading it. Seth is brilliant! :D
    ‘Love and Longing in Bombay’ (shouldn’t it be ‘Love and Longing in Amreeeeeka’ in your case? :D Anyhoo, Chandra, is it? I got his ‘Red Earth and Pouring Rain’. Will read it once ‘Shantaram’ leaves me.


  6. You took a suitable boy?! Really? “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” (as they say in Seinfeld). Haha,now I’m cracking myself up too.

    Hmm, not grades, not women? Okay, you got selected to the local cricket team.


  7. @BPSK: A Suitable Boy is very nice! You can’t make fun of it! *wails*
    Er, actually, as long as you dont diss the Chatterjis, it’s okay. Rest, I can tolerate. Mrs. Mehra, for example, is positively idiotic and so is Haresh.


  8. What the fuck? Did you just refer to me as a girl with the ‘@girls’ remark?

    Dude! I am 22 carat male;). You want to settle this man to man. Tell me when you are in Champaign. You can buy me some alcohol and apologize.


  9. LOL! The thing is, I got a job that I really really loved and wanted. Not girls. Not grades. The former is no big deal. The latter and me have never been on speaking terms.

    Nut case! Well, I did pick Red Earth and Pouring Rain first. Then I saw “Bombay” on this one and took it. I have this eternal love for anything Bombay. Pouring rain can wait. And yes, I have no choice but spend two days on the book nonstop. My laptop is not with me :(

    thanks :D

    @shenoy sahib:
    Hahaha, so much joy for just a smile? Here in America every passerby smiles at you!

    Cricket team? You can compare my cricket skills with that of Sadagoppan Ramesh!!
    Dei, You are inviting trouble. No one called you a girl here. And yes, I may come to Champaign. Alcohol, yes. Apologize, let me think.


  10. HAHAHAHAHA! Adi Padi called Ok a girl! So, in your er, love life, he’s the girl, huh? *drenched falls off her chair laughing*
    Jujubee? What a cute word! I can say it the whole day. Jujubee. Jujubee. Jujubeeeeeeeeeeeee. :D


  11. Just read Ok’s comment about being a 22 carat male and remembered this limerick
    There was an old pirate named Bates
    Who tried to dance the Rumba on skates
    He slipped on his cutlass
    Which rendered him nutless
    And practically useless on dates.
    The moral of the story is, do not count your carats if you’re planning to dance the rumba while skating, especially if you are into swordsmanship.


  12. @aditya
    all this excitement was for a book? nothing wrong with that though.

    you are jujubee man! i named you that eons ago. *Smirks*


  13. @V:
    LIAR!! I named you Jujubee! Last year during ICL, you fool. Liar, liar, V’s pants on fire!
    Jujubee, jujubee, jujubee, jujubeeeeeeeeeeee. What a cute word! I’ll adopt a kid and name it Jujubee Jujubee. :D
    And idiot V, he’s not talking about a book. Open your chinky eyes and READ. He got a job!

    @Adi Padi: Congrats, btw. :D


  14. I’m really bored, man. I should have gone shopping with my mother… and I feel like spamming somebody’s blog. Adi padi, can I spam your bloggie? :D


  15. @aditya

    OH MAN! sorry… i was woken up abruptly by a pesky bird! so i didn’t read it. congrats man! please immerse your joy in a bottle of Chivas.

    x-( what is ICL? you’re making shit up!! yes, yes you named me jujubee, i remember.. but i was using reverse nomenclature like you always do! muhahahaha


  16. See once and for all I am straight. I can’t conclude the same thing about Adi padi though.

    @shenoy: I don’t see the connection. But, it was funny in any case;).


  17. @V: Shut up, idiot. ICL was a league tournament too! I heard Jujubee in that Chennai Superstars when I checked it out on YouTube and I even sent the YouTube link. Sometime around November 2007 when I was at Someplace, remember? Such poor memory. Tch tch, what a bad case of nincompoop-ness!

    @Adi Padi and Ok: Why are you guys in denial about your lurrrrrrve? :D :D :D


  18. The girl in the poker/flash ad is so duh! The first rule of playing poker is to have a poker face. I would have immediately quite seeing the near-orgasmic expressions on her face.


  19. awww…that cadbury ad was tweet. amol palekar’s caterpillar- mushtache cracks me up. :D

    congrats on the job! :)

    btw, is this job at the library/or bookstore? an on-campus bookstore job made my friend squeal in joy for a week.;)


  20. ok:

    err…ok, the ad is too old for you to say that now.


    thankoo :D


    haha, it’s a proper job, something to do with my career. Not on campus!!


    podaa dog..


    hehe, ty ty!


  21. ooooh forgot you were ’em grad studs.:P wrong comparison to us, the poor under-grad souls. ;) internship…nice! :)


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