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Memory Meme

I am doing this for ok, ok? ok.

1. I remember the trip to Delhi and Simla in 1990. I was in UKG. I remember we stayed in Ratri Nivas and there was a robbery in our neighboring room. I remember the lift there was cranky and people often got stuck between the doors. I remember taking a picture of mom and dad in the hotel in Simla. I also remember every moment in Appu Ghar.

2. I can list the names of all my class teachers since my first year in a school. I’ll name all the PSBB ones here. Pre. KG- Shanti Ma’am, LKG- Uma Ma’am, UKG- another Uma Ma’am, First Std- Usha Ramgopal Ma’am, Second std- Elizabeth George Ma’am, Third Std- Lakshmi N, Fourth std- Banumathi Ma’am, Fifth std- Aparna Mishra Ma’am.

3. I remember all the sleep overs in T. Nagar with my cousins, Abi, Sathyan, Aish and Sound. Every summer vacation was spent there. Great times.

4. I had a bus buddy during school in PSBB. He used to watch hindi movies which I never did. One day he started talking about Karan Arjun and how it was his favorite movie and Karan was his favorite hero. I had no idea what he was talking about but didn’t make it apparent to him. He asked me who my favorite hero was and I told him I liked the guy who played Arjun.

5. More bus memories. There was an akka in ninth standard. Her name was Priyanka and all of us sat at the back of the bus. The Urvasi Urvasi song was a huge hit those days and 5 of us including akka learned the song from a guy who knew the lyrics by heart. We had a four day crash course on it.

6. We had a tough time choosing a dress for my brother’s first birthday. The choice was between two and both looked very good. We finally decided on one and bought it. The next day, during the party, one family friend of ours gifted him a dress. It turned out to be the other one!

7. In UKG, I did not say something along with the class(1-100 I think). I was dragged out of the class by aaya to be taken to Ms Balambal’s office. I struggled to let go off her and she gave up in the end. She, an obese woman couldn’t even drag my tiny self till the Silver Jubilee hall from my classroom in primary building. I was sent back to class.

8. When I was 10, dad had to choose between Bombay and Delhi for his transfer. I was asked what my opinion was. I chose Bombay. I said Bombay because I wanted to visit Essel World. And If I live in Bombay, I can go there every Sunday. I totally fell for that Essel World mein rahoonga main, ghar nahin jaoonga main ad on Zee Tv.

9. I visited Bombay in the December of 1995 for the first time. We were to move there permanently the following June. The whole trip, if anyone tried striking a conversation with me, my standard reply was- Mujhe hindi nahin maloom.

10. The first hindi movie I saw in theater is DDLJ. I saw it in Kasi in Madras.

11. In my second standard I took part in school Annual Day. I played a donkey in Pinocchio. I was the only donkey that had dialogs I guess. Harsha, Y.Gee Mahendran’s son, played Pinocchio. He was elder to me by one year. The four evenings in Kamaraj Memorial were super fun.

12. Movies at Prarthana drive-in were common those days. Some movies I’ve watched there are Michael Madana Kama Rajan, Thalabadhi, Singaravelan, Vaali.

13. My brother had a bad first day in a school in Bombay. The stupid state board school admitted him in first standard when he had actually completed only LKG. They said it’ll be fine. The poor kid started crying because they asked him to write 1-100 and he knew only 1-10. I went to his classroom during lunch and consoled him. That was the only day he spent in that school. I spent one full year there before going back to CBSE for seventh.

14. Srivatsan and I used to consider ourselves in the league of Gavaskar and Tendulkar. This was back in 1992-1994 when we often discussed how he has 34 centuries under his belt and I have 37. He blindly believed what I told him and I blindly believed what he did.

15. There was an elephant in Sri Ram Samaj that specially came home to take me for a ride often. Once it took water in its trunk and showered it on Appu, Kumar and me. I cried. The water hit my face that hard.

I think I should stop here.


24 thoughts on “Memory Meme

  1. Really, really sweet…I think writing this tag and reading others’ is making me all mellow…I mean in the i-wish-i-could-go-back-in-time kinda way!

    #13 and 15 r really really cute… :)


  2. One Very Haunting Epic-Episode I Remember is::

    It was my 21st birthday and my Sister’s 15th…….(Born apart by 7 days Despite the Confirmation by the Gynecologist that the dates would Coincide) :D

    .. so it was a joint celebration… A small Aquarium was bought by Mom & Dad on Sister’s Birthday…. The Party was on my Birthday, 7 days later…. The Food was given Lovingly, Temperature was Taken Care Of, Lights Scheduled etc etc….but then some Strike of fate…On the D-Day…One Fish was left, Its Stomach Overflowing With other Innocent Li’l Ones… :o

    My parents Came back From Work…Finding All the Celebrations Drown in Tears OF 2 Girls, Over-Whelmed with the First Mass-Homicide In their House…..:( Cant Believe Myself..Tried the till evening over Goldfishes…. ;)


  3. I hate to say this but OK is awesome for coming up with this idea! It’s such a sweet tag in itself and becomes even more fun when you read the memories that others have retained in their – in your case – pea brains. =P
    Is this Urvasi Urvasi song by Prabhudeva? The one which goes something like, “Urvasi, Urvasi, take it easy [something]”? I think it was quite the rage at one point of time everywhere.
    And APPU GHAR, man! I used to love Appu Ghar! I nearly cried when I read some months back that Appu Ghar has been shut down. Pffft.


  4. OK, wait a minute. I just saw that the moronic Google Toolbar auto-fill had entered my real email id in the mail column for the previous comment and the one on the other post. Goddamnit!! So much for trying to be anonymous.
    I expect you to seal your lips.
    Or…I shall spam you.


  5. You have an amazing memory….
    Remember names of all your class teachers huh, brilliant.
    The one I like the most is your standard answer when someone tried to strike a conversation with you “mujhe hindi nahin maloom” and your fav hero is the guy who played “arjun”..


  6. @preeti:

    that was hilarious!

    Yes, thats the song. And huh? Now only you are noticing? You’ve done that mistake a couple of times before. And you have lost your anonymity elsewhere in the blogosphere. I saw. I shall respect it. You’ll be let off for the grave mistake.


  7. WHAT? I have done it before? I can’t believe it! And there I was smug about being anonymous and what not! Not that anonymity matters that much but still…it sounded like a cool idea. :/ And I don’t really want to be “google-able”. Waaaaaaa!!! :(
    Where else I have I lost it? TGFI’s? That one doesn’t matter. Elsewhere? Tell, tell, tell!!! I’ll go and delete! *Drenched in hysterics*


  8. Movies at Prathana???? I went there once (Didn’t get Virumandi tickets anywhere so had to go there). Found everyone sitting outside the car and narrowly escaped malaria and dengu.


  9. “Aparna Mishra” I knew her and her pretty daughter (who is now married, in any case) personally. She lived right above my cousin’s house (who, was my neighbor) for like 10 years:).

    More comments shall follow in the night!


  10. Huh! You are two years my junior? I thought same batch or something. That Harsha idiot was 1 yr my junior.

    @drenched: See smart people come up with smart ideas. I havent seen a single idea worth mentioning coming from yours.:P


  11. @gapp:
    lol! the movies I listed were so old da. And not that you are far away!

    It was a tag actually. I didn’t tag anyone. Wanna do? :)


    dei, thats why I was dead sure you must be 1983!


  12. I can also list my teachers; except they sound more like “Ms. Burnh, Mrs Helm, Mrs Michalski, Mr. Ball, Mrs. Clark” So boring :P

    “Mujhe hindi nahi maloom”- Very smart. In Chennai I try to reply in tamil. Only to get laughed at :P And for people to realize that im extremely foreign.


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