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Behind the Veil

I need to know something. A few things rather. Do people who know no stuff but put gas, gas and more gas actually have it easy all the time? Why do crappy people get everything or most of the things they want? Or why do crappy people get most of the things we want? Are we the only ones who think they are crappy? Are we some kind of a narrow minded vested lot who think we are righteous and others are wrong? I don’t think so.

Is knowing to blah blah blah enough to succeed in life? Even if you have no idea what you are talking about? Tell me something. Do people act dumb deliberately? Is all the intelligence in them behind a veil that we fail to see through? Is that what leads to us misunderstanding them. In that case, its not our mistake, right? I am afraid, I fell through the veil.

I always thought I was accurate and fast when it came to understanding people. Something is seriously wrong somewhere. Life is gaja buja galeej bad right now. Something really big, really nice better be in store for the future. And the near future that too.


15 thoughts on “Behind the Veil

  1. undeserving people will always get what they want… i would rather live my life with what i have and than worry about what i don’t…


  2. This same question came into my mind few days back. I know people who talk without making sense, trying to believe what they think is correct, ignorant of what other person thinks or does, and yet they have people appreciating them and they get everything they want. My analysis of the situation is that I am a little different and try to do things little different, due to this I face initial hurdles but end up doing quiet good and achieving more than expected. So hang in there, you will get there.


  3. There’s a line in “Yes Prime Minister” which goes, roughly “The advancing years had disengaged the operation of his mind from the contents of his speech” I remember thinking at the time that there’s an awful lot of people who have this condition without being advanced in years. They’re called MBAs.


  4. In a more serious vein, I think this is the problem with engineers. We are contemptuous of fuzzy and imprecise talk and feel ire when people who speak that way are not only taken seriously but applauded when actually they’ve been speaking complete rot. Sadly, that is the way of the world. Most people are dumb asses and worse, make it their life’s work to decimate anyone they percieve to be smarter than them.

    Working strategy -Dumb it down. Play stoopid. Bide your time


  5. Well, I’d say probably crappy people are crappy only ’cause we choose to see them that way.Besides, if they are that crappy they wouldn’t get ‘all that’ in life <—- (That is very objective media student talking.tee hee.)On the Other hand, don’t we all always want something someone else has?:)


  6. Funny I’m reminded of that punch-u dialogue by thalaivar…”Aaandavan nallavan sodipaan aana kai vitadumaataar, aana ketta van something-something aana kadaseela kai vitaduvaar’ types. :)

    Just the same, konjum morbit post. Pray, whats eating your nerves today? :|


  7. ‘Well, I’d say probably crappy people are crappy only ’cause we choose to see them that way.Besides, if they are that crappy they wouldn’t get ‘all that’ in life”

    I think thats a point very well made. Ditto, my opinion.


  8. @rashmi:
    Hmmm, food for thought.

    for your age, your wisdom beats mine. :)

    fair point!

    thanks :)

    MBAs!! Hahaha, good one! And a point well made. Some blah blah helps at times.

    fair enough! But sometimes there is absolutely no premise. Thats why the question, do people act dumb deliberately.

    hehe thats bhaasha, no? Something got on my nerves for a few hours. Thats all. After that pibare ramarasam came :p

    refer reply to meera!


  9. it looks like a perfect rant to me. i come across many such gas but..but they end of getting good things in life.(jobs,girlfriends,courses, be it anything at all). i think sometimes luck plays in a big way too. anyway, don’t worry abt such ppl. they r always around us..u shudn’t be demoralized. cheer up :)


  10. Wisdom laam onnum illa. Its just that there are a lot of gassers in my office too, and one particular gasser (I call him naaldra paal, since his name is Arjun lol) is like majorly celebrated.Mavane oru naal illa oru naal maatama irukavaporanga?

    And yea, I’m the only one there who thinks he a douchebag, so you can imagine the percentage of gassers in our office.

    Kaduvulnnu oruthan paathundrukaan, and we will all get what we deserve. Rajnikanth said that, and he is never wrong.


  11. I totally agree with Shenoy on MBAs. I did my MBA and i pretty much feel my learnin curve dint change all that much at all…Ok, i agree i did it from a sad-ass institute but yet all my learnin came from me..And the truth…?Is that MBA teaches u to lie…It’s like learnin those dirty business tricks in a glorified way…The worst is the ‘How to ace an interview’ thing…Total bullshit!

    Eg: Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself.
    Interviewee:(Ideal answer) I’m a total go-getter, very hard working, diligent blah blah blah
    INterviewer: Tell me your strengths and weaknesses
    Interviewee:Strengths: I’m a team-person, extrovert, (again) hard-working, quick learner idu adu. Weakness: Oh, I’m a perfectionist and that’s my weakness *glee-ful I’m-so-perfect smile*

    Thevaya idellam??? All my friendz have given it to me right royally cuz i refuse to say such stuff in an interview…I told them i wanna start a boutique in the future…Where do i see myself 5 yrs from now? I told them I’m not one to plan for so-long away so-much in advanvce but I’m sure I’ll try to be happy in whatever I’m doing. (I got my job and people still think i lying when i tell them what i said inside. All that bhashan by parents on “not to lie”, MBA helps u unlearn all that…

    Parallel train of thought as alwayz, but had to mention this. And yea,let whoever get whatever they get, as long as ur happy with what u have it’s ok. And it’s human nature to long for what’s someone else’s. Grass on the other side is alwayz greener.

    And as Thenga and Mayth said, Thalaivar sonna adu rite dan…


  12. Yes, crappy people have it easy. EVERY goddamned crappy person who I’ve known till now has had it easy. I wonder why. Is the Universe conspiring for them? Is it some kind of cosmic scheme to make the creation uniformly crappy? You know, weed-out the non-crappy ones by making them die of unhappiness and frustration over the crappy ones. Voila, presenting to you – the Universe, crappy, crappier and the crappiest.


  13. @bg:
    Enna tha sollardhu

    i think you’ve written about him. i remember.

    nice experience, there. its good to be true to yourself. i know you are like that wonly :p

    :) Mere khayalein bhi kuch aise hi hain.


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