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What do I say about myself?

I thought I’ll dissect those “about me”s people have in their blog profiles. Some are quite interesting. These are the snippets in the blogs I often visit. Starting with one of the funny ones.

Note: See mazaak udana and maza karna are two different things. :P

1. Mr. Narendra “I am in my 40s” Shenoy

I’m a cool dude, except for the fact that I’m 42, my hair is grey and nobody loves me

Now, the ability to laugh at oneself is quite natural in a PGW fan. No surprises there. There is one analogy I could make though. There is something quite Marvinesque about this. This line would perfectly suit someone as depressed as Marvin. But our Mr. Shenoy and depressed? You can rest assured that it would be the end of the world.

2. Preeti “I talk my mind” Adams

On a day like today, The whole world could change, The sun’s gonna shine. Shine through the rain, On a day like today .You never wanna see the sun go down!

Too much of Bryan Adams. Everywhere! In About Me, the blog title. When she can actually write a comment longer than the post :P. And you know she is talking her mind. I am sure her retort would be ” I am like this wonly”.

3. Ram “Ok” Please

The blog is PG17. So kids please dont read it unless you have an adult to tell you which article to read:).

How many articles are PG 17? One with Xg? Or fine scotch? Or one with respect for women? Or is it PG 17 because its all about poisson, binomial, bernoulli, M/M/G, M/M/1 and wireless sensor networks? Of course, I know its not any of these. :P

4. Mayth “Confounded” Akka

This question has always instigated me to put down the wackiest and outlandish of facts about me, but considering that I’m speaking out to a set of decent and educated juntha…not to mention with good taste (a natural presumption sparked by the fact that you’re even reading this..ahem!), I shall refrain from proceeding with my idiotic notions any further. Phew!! Yes, I’m done. (And yes…you may now go down and fetch yourselves a glass of water :D)

Phew! I would like to know the facts. A separate blog post perhaps? See, we have every right to ask for it. We never make you go “Talk to me, no?”. And for putting us through this ordeal, we expect you to offer us a glass of nimbu pani. Or Tequila Sunrise.

5. Coconut “Spicy” Chutney

Mildly Spicy. Adjust, please.

Mildly ah? The amount of spice in Chutney’s blog posts would put an Andhra full meals or Rajasthani thali to shame. Chutney goes on to claim that reading her blog may not change our life but it will surely make us laugh. Her claims have come good so far. And I don’t see anyone trying to adjust.

6. The “I-hate-my-name” Drenched

Moon River, wider than a mile, I’m crossing you in style some day. Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker, wherever you’re going I’m going your way. Two drifters off to see the world. There’s such a lot of world to see. We’re after the same rainbow’s end– waiting ’round the bend, my huckleberry friend, Moon River and me.

Johnny Mercer? Audrey Hepburn? Breakfast at Tiffany’s? What is she really a fan of? I don’t know. She accused me of being unoriginal! Look who’s talking! But lets not even get into that argument. I often quote stuff in her blog and love to do so. I am sure about only one. She has an opinion on everything. In a crowd, she would never go *puts finger on lips and shuts up*. :P

7. BG:

When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust him fully. Either he will catch you when you fall or teach you how to fly.

Hers keeps changing though. But remains typical BG. Say no more!

8. “Mokkai” Gauky:

Hmm basically the funda is……

No.No! Stop! Don’t even get this guy started. If you’ve never experienced death by PJ, then let him continue. But more often than not, you’ll be so lost in the “funda” that you would have overcome death.

9. “Art” Siddharth:

Sometimes I wish I was the weather, you’d bring me up in conversation forever, and when it rained, I’d be the talk of the day.

I am not able to decide between this and the Kite Runner line. I once kept this as my Gtalk status message and he pinged me to say ” plagiarizing piece of crap”. Art tends to talk like that. He is known to have two minds. In case you are wondering, the source is John Mayer. The song is called Sucker.

10. Salma “Evenstar”:

Not making fun here. Including this just because this is my favorite. I love this. Trust Evenstar to come up with this gem.

We’re funny people. We want to belong to communities, make friends, and yet stay away and keep a safety margin. We want to talk about ourselves, and yet don’t want to talk a whole lot about ourselves lest we disclose too much information. Its strange how we all want to reach out and be reached out for, and yet hide at unreachable places, far and beyond anybody’s reach. Sometimes I do feel lost. In this world of fast moving cars, fast changing beliefs and faster changing people, I feel lost. The world is becoming smaller they say. It may shrink down to the size of a pea, but we will all still be alone.

And if you give me a choice, my current favorite quote is this:

For humans, honesty is a matter of degree. Engineers are always honest in matters of technology and human relationships. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep engineers away from customers, romantic interests, and other people who can’t handle the truth.

– Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle

Did I infringe any Creative Commons license? Please inform! That is it. I’ve not linked any of them here. They are all on the blog roll. Only thing, a few days from now, googling these words would not only show up their respective blogs, but also mine!


60 thoughts on “What do I say about myself?

  1. Cool idea, man! The PG-17 was for Varsha, chutney’s sister. She reads blogs and I din’t want to teach her some ma-behn gaalis:).

    And your about me has some stuff about first kiss. Do we assume you will be reporting it in the future or is it something that we have missed?


  2. Hahahahahaha! Dai paavi! :)

    Yea, I’m a totalllll Bryan Adams fan…But I don’t know if uv noticed, my ‘About Me’ keeps changing…I kept this recently when I was listening to the song and it made sense to me that day :)

    I think my posts would and should speak more about me, that what i would define about me cuz im too complicated u c ;)

    and yea, I’m like this only! ;)


  3. ha ha really…people rarely die dude…its an ideal entertainer after a long days work… BTW one for u…. Hari and mani went to nilgris..hari buyz all the items in the shop..Mani buys all but 4 items…he is unable to buy the other 4 items…you know why??? Scroll down for the answer

    There are somethings MANI (money) cant buy!..Hope u dnt die:))


  4. Hahahaha! Nice way to waste time.
    Just to clarify, I’m a Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan. And my ‘About Me’ has also changed. This one has been there since March. There was a different one in February when I reclaimed my Blogistan passport.
    And I’m not unoriginal, okay? Hmph. Bleddy jealous people, all!

    “In a crowd, she would never go…” Finish that sentence..*narrows eyes threateningly*.

    And I don’t hate my name! Alright, I would have preferred something else, probably from the same letter…but here, I am just trying to maintain anonymity. Perhaps someday I might reveal my first name on my blog…but till then, yes, you can go on assuming that I hate my name.

    Oh, and do see this:
    Mr. OK has something interesting to propose.

    *The Naradmuni of Blogistan trots off smirking*


  5. @ok:
    I did read varsha’s blog. About my version, yeah maybe sometime when I hold a press meet and have a tell all. poda dei.

    @naren: thanks!

    @preeti: i know :D

    @rashmi: hehe, i see a lot of people dissecting orkut profiles.

    @gaurav: epdi da? lol. onnoda intelligence paathu kannu koosudhu.

    @preeti again: hehe, i told you :p


    first, who is talking about wasting time? Second, ya am not commenting on the unoriginal part! Third, ok got your one rarely valid point. Four, Naradmuni you are!! Check back there for more :P


    haha, i’ve read that. arre akka is akka only no. you are what? two years elder to me? thats like 730 days!


  6. Oh, ind amadri vishayathiku kooda press meet vepangala??? Interesting…This Blog World certainly has some interesting revelations…But plz dont forget to intimate the time/date/venue of the event well in advance… ;)

    And oh,no!U r another one of those 730-day younger bloggers huh?Ayo, ayo.. Where have all the mature, sensible bloggers gone?!?? (Other than me, Mayth and OK ofcourse!)


  7. hahaha, this was some peice of work man!

    “Mildly Spicy. Adjust, please.”.. can’t get crispier and concise than that, i think :P

    and i’ve been ‘teding’ to find your ‘about me’.. couldn’t locate it..

    @naradmuni: please check the comments again and we shall greatly appreciate it if you girls gave it some thought! :D

    and you are unoriginal! ‘bleddy’ is mine!!! x-(


  8. U, Drenched, Chutney (or is she younger…?)..Suthi irukara majority bloggers (and people around) seem to be younger..Minimum threshold itself is 730 days…Enaala mudiyila…

    And mature and sensible…vidu, unaku la sonna puriyadu thambi ;)


  9. @Gradwolf: I DO NOT waste time! Hmph.

    @MISS V: Hahahahaha, what happened, Miss V? Are you pissed? I’m sowwie. To redeem myself, I’ll gift you something nice, pink and girlie when you come to India, ok? :D *smirks*
    And ‘bleddy’ is not yours! I’ve seen other people use it too! I stole it from TGFI! Hmph.

    @Preeti: I saw my name mentioned and lots of Tamil written all around. Pliss to explain.
    Oh, and I am mature and sensible too!


  10. @naradmuni: I AM NOT MISS V!!! x-(

    you should buy yourself a pink, girlie and nice dress(eugh, can’t believe i used those words!), it will go well with your doggie/bunny/some gayass slippers… :D


  11. @Drenched: Hahaha! I basically said that most of the bloggers around seem to be younger…With a minimum of 2 yrs (730 days) as the difference…It’s just me, Ok and Mayth who are older, and hence,mature and sensible ;)


  12. @preeti:

    There is no age bar for being matured and sensible!! :P And from what I’ve seen, Mayth is eldest??? You and Ok same age eh? And you call Mayth, aunty? So the conclusions I make are:

    You, Mayth and Ok are over the hill. The oldies.
    Drenched, Chutney are kiddos.
    I am the young.

    Get it?? :P


  13. @Mayth: Read my comment…I? din’t say a thing tat way!!! He’s out to split us..Hmph!

    @Wolfdude: Dai, en da?? Naa nala irukardu unaku pudikalaya?? hehe..Anywayz, I guess i’m the oldest of the 3..(me, ok and mayth) Same year but different months…Me in july, Ok 20 days younger (if he’s born in 84, if not, he’s a yr older and hence the oldest) and mayth in november…

    Drenched and Chutney, kiddos…yea tatz thr…

    But U => young…Yosika vendiyadu dan..Maybe physical age wise, but mental age < 3


  14. Hmmm. Adhu enna maybe. Am 1985. Mental age < 3, too much!!! X-(. What did I do?!! :|

    Mayth aunty makes sense. But then I myself call her akka. So :-?

    Ok is oldest. He is before 84 and am pretty sure about it ;)


  15. Dayum! I am the oldest huh? Throughout school and engineering i was the youngest in the class…Now, im older! It’s a sad, sad situation..Hmph!

    And ur ’85 huh??? Hmm, ok, upgrading ur mental status <10, ok aa? Happy?? ;)

    @Mayth: Yea, ur my bestttt aunty friend! Muah!!! ;)


  16. *elbows her way in*
    I am NOT a kiddo! In a month and a few days from now, I shall be twenty! That’s old enough and mature enough to beat y’all!

    *trots off, fuming*


  17. And how come WordPress shows a pic of Preeti in the “recent comments” thingie while other poor mortals (*points at herself*) are blatantly ignored? This is shameless favouritism! We demand justice!! (We = me and alter ego, which is up and kicking these days.)


  18. Ok, abt tat photo thingie…im really wonderin as well cuz tatz a photo tat ws on my blog AGES ago…n i hvnt seen it for a long time till now! So im really wonderin whr tat came frm! :-/

    And Drenched ‘lil’ gurl ;) maybe u shud put up ur photo for it to show…??? :P


  19. @preeti:
    “You are 85 huh?” What were you thinking? :-? :p
    I still have doubt about ok though. Something, somewhere doesn’t fit it.


    yes, I guess preeti has a profile pic and you don’t. as simple as that.


  20. But I have a profile pic too! That cup holding endless rain! This is unfair! WordPress doesn’t like my cup. Waaaaaaaaa!!! :'(

    PS: I am not a little girl. Pffft!


  21. @OK: Cmon, u can tell us, we wont tell anyone… ;)

    @Gradwolf: Case is murky??? What would OK’s objective be??? Hmmm…

    @Drenched: WordPress doesnt show cups and plates and all…it’s been programmed only to display what’s in the flesh…so… :D


  22. @Preeti:

    worst PJ!!
    I have second thoughts about it. He could be actually 1984 :p

    Actually, yeah. In fact, you have a profile pic and she doesn’t. Maybe the first time you came here, you didn’t.

    And what comedy! One is sad she is not young, the other is angry, she is called young.


  23. I’ve always had a profile pic! WordPress hates me! :(
    And I didn’t say I am not young. I said I’m not little! Hmph.

    @Preeti: Real pic, huh? Haven’t you realised by now that I am not for real? I am just a bot. =P


  24. Duh! Dont fix my age based on my smartness and maturity. I skipped Pre. KG. Seems, I was too smart. I did a Master’s in 1 year.

    If we are judging people by their IQ and maturity he is what I would rate you guys

    Shenoy: 60

    Varsha: 40

    Wolf: 20

    Preeti: 15

    Drenched: 1

    Chutney: .01


  25. @Wolf-loosu:First of all that wasn’t a PJ…That initial build-up ws given by u only :P And hello, mindless banter aa? The fact that we r even visiting your page and pona pordu nu using it itself is a big thing, idla u chose to say such stuff! Sheesh, u shud be ashamed!

    @OK: How come u left urself outta the rating system.It’s ok, we wouldn’t judge u for ur -10 da…Chill! Besides, the leagues keep changing…All along u and wolf-loosu were on different sides, ippo ul rate him higher huh? Tch tc, such shallowness!Oh, but it explains the -10 (doesn’t it Drenched???)



  26. oye!Wolfdude, wolfloosu, wolfkid! People use my comments section for mindless banter is what i said. I didn’t say I exclude myself from that “people” :p. And that is PJ only!!Semma mokkai!


  27. No wonder Ok gave u a higher IQ level…To keep the ‘secret’ a ‘secret’..

    And coming up with innovative names is my hobby u see :D

    “People use my comments section for mindless banter is what i said. I didn’t say I exclude myself from that “people” :p.”

    Even if u excluded urself, noone would let u, so it’s ok…:P


  28. @ok:

    done. but you might want to use a different email address while commenting on wordpress etc. you and everything about you is searchable with your email id.


  29. HOW is my IQ = 1? x-( I am the smartest person around, all right? Bleddy jealous you are, Ok!

    Psst, Gradwolf, if you leak his secret identity, I’ll send you very nice chocolates/wine/books/quotation collection. :D


  30. @drenched:

    that is not so tempting. Come up with a better deal, we’ll talk.


    Lol, not really. :P

    @ok: lol, private means won’t be published on this space!


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