Its You!

The power of web 2.0 and user generated content amazes me. TIME magazine was criticized for choosing “you” as the person of the year in 2006. They were so darn right. Check this video out. Its beautiful, brilliant, scary and ugly all rolled into one.

I’ve met a lot of new people, thanks to this blog. The blogroll to the right has more links to people I don’t know personally than people I do. Cheers to each and every one of them. And you.


4 thoughts on “Its You!

  1. Whatever it shows is SO true, especially the connecting people bit. I’ve met so many amazing people through my explorations on the net that I can’t even begin to describe it and then, the effect that it’s having. From 14-17, I used to be a regular at this UNICEF forum and kids all over the world were starting youth orgs., bringing about changes, organising protests and what not. I was so mighty impressed!
    And even the ethics part is true. The information is so freely available and it’s not hard to flick off stuff and pass it on as your own. Not to mention forging identities. That’s the scariest of all. Somebody being so creepily idle that they steal your own self. Weird.
    I liked the a-blog-is-born-every-half-second stat. Blogistan is going to overtake China and India as the most populated country soon.


  2. @ Drenched: “I’ve met so many amazing people through my explorations on the net…”

    Yeah! People do tell me I am very special. In any case thanks for the compliments.

    @adithya: Yeah! I used to be like “The problem with blogs is it provides an avenue for people to voice them. Many of them, like drenched, in the first place should never have been allowed to have an opinion.”

    And then I started blogging and realized it takes a nutcase drenched and an intelligent Ok to make blogosphere:).

    P.S. Drenched, I am kidding;).


  3. OK, I swear if I can get hold of your neck right now, I’ll wring it! Aaargh. Why, why, WHY am I being terrorised like this? *Drenched runs away in tears, puts her face into the pillow and weeps*.

    *Wipes tears and gets ready to send OK a bottle of the finest red wine*

    (Doesn’t tell him that the wine will be laced with arsenic.)


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