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Is there anything called Reader’s Block?

If there is one thing I miss doing, its reading! Its been eight months in this country, new school, Masters and I just have not read a book all these months. And I am not talking about Thomas Cormen, Tanenbaum and the Eastern Economic Editions.

This is not me. I consider reading to be the most pleasure filled experience one can have. I’ll be engrossed inside a few hundred pages if given a choice. Only yesterday my roommate asked me what is your ideal job? What do you consider to be the most enjoyable work for you? I was so tempted to say it would have to be something to do with reading or writing. I miss Crichton, Wodehouse, Rand, Rowling, Tolkien. I don’t mind including Enid Blyton also. And Gregory David Roberts. And Yann Martel. Yeah, even one book wonders(so far). I could only carry a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird on the flight last July owing to baggage issues. And my roommate has a copy of Deathly Hallows under his table. The only “reading” I do these days are Daily Dilbert and Calvin & Hobbes on my desktop. A book, a drink, a cozy window side. And rains. You understand what I am talking about? Yeah, Arjun will understand. And from what little I know, she would.

I invite you to blame it on my bad time management skills. Maybe I should pick a book instead of blogging about it. Or instead of watching Youtube. But it won’t stop me from saying it. I just haven’t found the time.

And, both BG and Ok have tagged me. I think I’ll find some time for them. :P


11 thoughts on “Is there anything called Reader’s Block?

  1. Woah! I love Crichton, PGW and EB! I dont care much for all the other serious writers.

    Actually, its quite surprising. Unlike India, the public library here are free and you can keep a book for 1 month! I suggest you get a membership and pick some 3 books. The reading will get automatically done!


  2. Agree with OK. Or d’accord, as we French like to put it. Get book, keep it on desk and sooner or later you will wind up reading it.

    And I loved EB too! High five. High five to you too, OK.


  3. “A book, a drink, a cozy window side. And rains.”
    This is what comes the closest to my idea of absolutely blissful relaxation.

    And EB absolutely rules! Get the Mystery series or the Famous Five again and keep them stacked on your desk. Also gather a handful of Wodehouse books and other authors you like. Stack them too. Finally, go and buy some book that you’d been meaning to read for a long time. The costlier, the better. And put it on top of the whole pile and don’t remove the price label. You’ll start feeling so rotten for spending so much and not reading it that you’ll end up devouring it in a day or two itself. It worked with me. I went ahead and blew up 28 euros on Vikram Seth’s ‘A Suitable Boy’. After that, I ended up submitting four college assignments quite late because I was too busy reading that huge thing of 1500-something pages. It was all worth it. Tell me if it works with you. :P


  4. LOL… Dont remind me… forgot to read your blog for the last week.. or maybe i dint have the time… Its actually kinda surprising that i felt the same thing 2 weeks back… i went to the library and got atlas shrugged to read again !! stealing moments from my day ( u can guess which moments :P ) and reading it now !!


  5. I totally agree.. Six months in England and I haven’t touched a book and thanks to Youtube, I have a brainfuse.Feel so miserable!sniffle.Guessing at least life in America isn’t as sad as’ll have far better weather!Good luck with the writing.:)


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