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So Ok tags me and does my mom a huge favor. One of those cranky senti posts on this blog made her ask me a few questions. On a GTalk call. And I told her, I’ll tell you in good time. She said ok. So here she goes, this is for her. I am sure she can guess a few. So don’t ask me for clues, mom! :P

R (5th std): Yes. You read it right. Fifth standard. I have good memory if you didn’t know. I didn’t know what crushes were back then and also no idea if this qualifies as one. But I still remember this girl. She was damn cute and used to cry when she got bad marks(<85). This was in PSBB (KKN). I moved to Bombay during sixth. I came back for my engineering. And guess what? I did see her(note: not meet). In Kamala theatre once. And some other place once. Believe me, I was so disappointed. She lost the cuteness. Or my standards had shot up. :P

MR (7-8th std): She was this B-E-A-utiful girl in school. But never even befriended her. I was too shy back then. Some believe I still am. I am not. Anymore. Its been long since I gave away from those inhibitions. I digress. It warrants a separate post.

SM (10-12th): The major one. She was cute. She looked like a kid. Or were we all kids back then? There was something in her that I couldn’t let go for a long time. We became best of friends. She started going around with a common friend. And she got fed up with him. And I abetted in showing him the door. :) We drifted apart after I moved to Madras.

Xg(college) : Yes, I borrow Ok’s abbreviation. Less said about her the better. Totally regretful. So, stiff upper lip!

M (college): This is my friend’s cousin. I’ve met her only once. She was oh-so-appealing. I developed this huge crush for her and told my that friend and other friends. I couldn’t do anything about it. No one could. No one will. She is two years elder and has a steady boyfriend. He is well built if I remember correctly from that one meeting. Period.

So this song appears for the second time in this blog. Watch the video here. Quite a funny song and video.

And I’ll sit and wonder
Of every love that could’ve been
If I’d only thought of something charming to say

I don’t know who to tag. Maybe BG. Nobody tagged Preeti. Why? I’ll do that? No, I am not that adventurous. Feel free everyone!


22 thoughts on “Crushes!

  1. 5 crushes in 23 years…seems way too low… anyway i am able to figure out a couple of them… Nothing in the states huh?? Why don’t u write one on how many girls have had crushes on you…That would make an interesting read!!


  2. 1. Whoa! Your mom reads your blog? If my mom got to know these things she would freak out. I mean I once broke down at home over the xg thingy and she go so worried! Man, you do have some guts.

    2. This was in PSBB (KKN). Which batch and which section;).

    3. Sigh! Every guy has a XG:(.


  3. Oh no! Not u tooooo! Rite now I feel like “Sornakka” equivalent of the blogging world or somethin! Ppl dont wanna miff me, ppl rnt tat adventurous to tag me..ena nadakardu inga..!? Im a nice girl, really, REALLY…i dont hv a vicious temper..SWEAR…!

    hehe…but il tell u why Ok thinks so. Whenever u gt sometime, check these 2 posts of mine and the comments section out for a lil more clarification:


  4. HOLY!! Your mom knows about your blog? And more importantly, she reads it? :O And then, asks you about posts? I”d rather fall over a cliff than let my parents or most people in my real life know about my blog. It’s just so personal…and I don’t mind unknown people who read it precisely because they’re unknown to me. :P
    “And I abetted in showing him the door.”
    Hahahahaha, this is such a typical guy thing! If a girl has some crush on a guy friend who’s going out with somebody else, she’ll try help him kiss and make up and not feed the fire more. But then, maybe guys are nice too. Who knows?
    Awesome video. I’m gonna bookmark it to watch again and again and laugh. And the best part is that most can relate to it so much!
    Poor Preeti. Everyone’s scared to tag her. She’s the new don of the blogworld.
    Okay, now, I am spamming. :P


  5. @gau:

    5 major ones da! Your idea sounds nice, but …have to think :P


    Not guts.Asattu dhairiyam. :P. PSBB, hmmm, if I had finished my twelfth there, I would have been 2003 batch. But the truth is I belong to the class of 1995-96 – fifth standard, K section :D


    hehe@ sornakka. Not that bad actually. I didn’t find anything so deep in those posts. Maybe because I relate to one of them totally. I smile all the time and it kind of became my trademark.

    @ Drenched:
    Guys CAN be nice! Main hoon na. And I am not too sure about girls doing such nice things. Maybe girls like Drenched, but then I can’t be so sure of that :P .
    Muhahaha @ Don of the Blog world.

    @ preeti again:
    Now you decide ok. 1029029 times here and 124533543 times in drenched’s blog. Btw, you should do this tag. My ignorance has not yet let me make conclusions about you a la drenched and ok. :P


  6. Enjoyed! I’m touched that your mom actually reads your blog. I keep imploring everyone I know to read my blog and to the best of my knowledge, no one does. Perhaps it might be because they know what a total bore I am in real life but still, some curiosity would be welcome. My wife, who knows fully well that I write about her, never finds time to read my blog. “You tell me about it while I fix you breakfast tomorrow” is a typical reaction.

    Hey, you’re love life is not much different from mine! High five, soul brother!


  7. I am amazed to hear that your mother reads your blog and I hope that I can share such frankness with my son when he grows up and he can tell me about the gal (s) in his life. You had a good number of crushes no steady gal???????? Tats actually surprised me!


  8. *Sigh*
    Why do I get this feeling that everyone in the blogging world is from PSBB? ;;)

    …And oh yes, my dad reads my blog regularly. Result, there are just too many questions to answer at the dinner table .

    Oh well, peace.


  9. @naren:
    haha someone looks at the whole mom thing positively. high five! Yes, I know, mine is not much different. Now pray that get my Sheila :P

    Haha, why is that so?


    No fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone? hehe… among a handful its you, ok, chutney and I. who else??
    The right person is not reading your blog!


  10. i dint find anythin so deep in those posts too! i alwayz thought mayb i wasnt lookin hard enough…bt..nope, i still dont gt it!

    anywayz, matter solved…2 outta 3 of u hv tagged me…so im happy :D hehe…


  11. haha…no ur juz a nice guy…simple…the others wr juz mean…n u gt dragged into it…infact they r the evil onez who caught u in a spell n u so u didn’t tag me…and…

    ok, REALLY, I’m disillusioned!


  12. pretty bold da..

    wonder if any of the women listed here read yor posts, that would be interesting!

    my mom ocassionaly reads my blog but then there’s not too much personal stuff there…


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