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The Journey of a Blogger

I was wondering about the journey a blogger goes through from the time he starts to the time he becomes a seasoned one. I am not a seasoned blogger myself compared to millions out there, but I guess I can comment on this, having started to blog almost 3 years back.

Here is what typically happens.

Phase 1:

Everyone is blogging. He reads articles online about how blogging is cool. About Web 2.0. About user generated content on the web. And so begins yet another blog. The stats say a blog is born every 2 seconds. Isn’t that the same rate at which India’s population is increasing? If yes, its astronomical!

Phase 2:

He is in awe with himself. From someone who cringed when asked for his English answer papers back in school, he has evolved into the person who lets out his content for the world to see and comment on. At the beginning he writes for himself. He may write what he did that day, how his day was, how he felt about some people. He never expected any comments. There were 0 anyway. He records his life, his rants and his day to day experiences.

Phase 3:

The 0 comments becomes 1,2,3 and then 4. The guy is simply overwhelmed. Here begins the change in attitude and so in his writing. He starts writing for an audience. He doesn’t write for himself anymore. He has readers, he has sent out the feeds and he feels obliged to write for them. The first person views become third person views. He writes on current affairs, about other bloggers, other communities and his own, film reviews etc. Occasionally he feels nostalgic and would write about his past life, how he misses Bombay, things he has not already recorded. These are the usual sentimental posts you find in many blogs. Including this one.

Phase 4:

The blogger then becomes aware of blogging communities. If we are talking Desi, there is desipundit, desicritics, desidabba etc. He attends blogcamps, barcamps, unoffical blogger meets and unconferences. He meets new people and develops a group of his own. He calls them blog buddies and he comments in their blogs, they comment in his and the blog buddy”ship” grows. He learns about the technical aspects and thus occurs the move from blogspot to wordpress. Or his own domain. Its all about how PHP is cool. And open source is the way to go!

Phase 5:

Now he is obsessed with stats. Where are people coming from? Who reads his blogs? What do they click on? He learns the art of linking. Like that famous what-is-his-name blogger once said- link baby, link. So he links to his favorite blogs. He finds so many blogs and loves each one for different reasons. He likes people who record their life in a matter of fact way. Simple no holds barred writing. He loves the writing of some well known people in the blogging community. He cannot figure out how some people can write humor so effortlessly. He likes blogs that talk about culture, especially those of Tambrahms. He likes blogs that are not written but spoken. Its nice to read actually. He falls in love with Bombay all over again whenever he reads Selma’s blogs. He feels bad she doesn’t blog often.

So, you get the drift?

He has now reached a pinnacle where he finds himself writing about the journey of a blogger. Maybe he is totally blank and doesn’t know what to write on. What do you think?


24 thoughts on “The Journey of a Blogger

  1. Nice post. I’d say I’ve skipped some of the phases, or have spent relatively lesser time in some of them than you, but in less than 2 years of blogging I find myself in phase 6– in which one does away with his/her link lists, reads fewer blogs, comments on even fewer.. hope you got the gist. :)


  2. Interesting post. Well analysed, too. I reckon I’m already in phase 5 actually because I blogged for two years and then, went ahead and delted it. So, it’s not like I’m new to it…just my url and blogger identity is. What I don’t get however is the concept behind these blog communities like desipundit and all. What do they DO?
    As Vik mentioned, I think there’s a phase 6 as well – when you get tired of it all.


  3. @mayth:
    phase 3? you’ve got 23 comments for your shortest post! :p

    thanks for dropping by. phase 6 gives some food for thought :)

    Desipundit has contributors who post links to the best blogs that they have come across. Desipundit aggregates interesting articles across the blogging universe.

    you blogged for two years? did you archive before deleting it? and if yes, may I get access? :P


  4. Wow very well written post and I have now some more interesting blogs to read (u mentioned in your post). I was trying to see which level I belong to but failed as I have done something from each level. Help me find my “level”.


  5. That’s a big regret. I didn’t archive anything at all before I went ahead and deleted it. Foolish, I know. Now, I feel like I lost two years of my very short life. Pffft.
    Anyhoo, must check this Desipundit thingie out. I can’t believe I never heard about in spite of floating around in the Blogworld for so long. Damn, I must be really thick.


  6. Bomb.
    I’ve had 3 blogs , and i have deleted all of it because i realized too many people that knew me in reality are reading my blog , hence i cant verbalize my inner most feelings. I started blogging again and right now I’m coming out of the closet , leaving comments with hopes that no one will ever find the real me and i can still write what i feel to an audience of one.
    is that a phase too?


  7. ah! nw i knw wat tat desipundut thingie is…good thing i decided to read the other comments before puttin in mine cuz i ws juz gnna ask u abt those sites…

    i guess im somehwere between phase 3-4…ofcourse minus the blog community part…i really, really write juz for myself n nt even the type whoz realllyyy allll that keen on attendin those blogger meets n all…maybe juz outta curiosity to see who the otherz r..but not really to go publicize my blog itself :D

    anywayz, nice analysis…certainly made sense!


  8. Rem acu tetigisti. A Latin phrase which, according to Jeeves, means you hit the nail on the head. I use it whenever I want to sound learned, but I actually read it in a Wodehouse novel.

    One thing about blogging is that you make a number of good friends, vibrating more or less on your wavelength, and gives a bit of a parallel universe to exist.

    Great post.


  9. @siddharth:
    Funny that “verb” clarification. I totally get your point :). Now go start writing again!

    @ drenched:
    Thats sad. now don’t do it again i tell you!

    Yes, there are a set of people who choose to remain anonymous and effortlessly succeed in it. You can create a different identity of your own in the blogosphere and just co-exist!

    Thanks! And yeah, some are obsessed, some are not! And some go through all the phases and get fed up!

    Rem acu tetigisti! Parallel universe it is! Well said. As usual :)


  10. You’ve got it down to a T. Great analysis, very true, I started out from a newspaper article in the Hindu :)
    But yea, like narendra said, you get to make a lot of nice friends this way :D


  11. A brutally frank analysis I would say! Nice post. Though there perhaps is a, less common though, alternative route to Phase 3, where you say.. “Hey, I write.. so as well make it public!”

    (Got in here on Maythini’s clue! :) )


  12. Totally true about feeling overwhelmed with the first comments. Just started out on blogging and someone recommended me this post for the acurate descriptions.


  13. Interesting. Indeed, the journey of a blogger is extremely hard, but when you know your blog is appreciated and the users and readers are growing, you can’t help beaming from ear to ear.


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