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Very Very Nice!

The song is out of the world. My roommate introduced this to me and it is apparently a title song of a serial on Star Vijay. The singer sounds so good, I thought it was Bombay Jayashree first. She really sounds like Jayashree though. This is much better than what Tamil and Hindi movies have been dishing out in the recent past. If you take AR Rehman out of the equation, that is! I hope people who like that Pehli Nazar crap from Race take something from this.

9 thoughts on “Very Very Nice!

  1. i was addicted to this serial till sometime back. it started off really well;a very sensible tv serial. however i m at the 59th episode now and its really yuck. they have brought the typical serial elements into this one as well.
    Excellent title song i must say!


  2. @bg:

    you’ve watched the serial ah? adi pavi!


    Welcome! No its not by Rahman.


    Nice to see you here! Yep, I’ve heard Yogi B. Liked some, didn’t like some:)


  3. Nice melody! Although I didn’t understand a word of it, I loved the music. As long as that’s fine, I don’t mind not knowing the lyrics…like in the case of that old Chik Buk Chik Buk Raile, which I discovered some months ago. :D
    Oh, and that Pehli Nazar song from ‘Race’ is too disgusting for words. In fact, most Race songs fall under that category. Have you heard the ‘Zara zara touch me, touch me’? Sheer torture. *shudders*.


  4. It is nice! In fact it has a classical lilt to it. Frankly, if a piece of music is dance-able to, it’s good music.
    That’s a longgg title song no?


  5. @drenched:

    glad you liked it. i haven’t heard all the songs of Race. zara zara touch me ah…lol..i don’t even like the sound of it!


    welcome to gradwolf! ya, its long for a serial, but lovable!


  6. “Zara zara touch me, hold me” is just one example. There’s another one too, from the same movie, of course. It’s called *drum roll* “Sexy lady khwaab dekhe”. And there’s a new movie called ‘Tashan’ which has a song called “Dil DANCE maare”.
    I thought we’d seen the worst with “sarkayee lo khatiya, jaada lage” from ‘Raja Babu’. Obviously, I was wrong.


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