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Temperament Goes Boink!

Two of my friends are getting married.

Three of them started a new relationship.

Romba mukyon (Very Important)! You would say. Yes, I agree. But more importantly.

Many of them (worthy and unworthy) are going places!

Aiyooo…..Pocheeeeeeeeee! Kis Kis ki kismat.

And, I am sitting here trying to deploy an ESB service unit to ServiceMix using a BPEL engine. In vain. The bloody thing is throwing some error called selectionFailure,lineNo=231,

faultExplanation=R-Value expression “{OXPath10Expression Succeeded}” did not select any nodes. I can wrap up the project if this is cleared. But.

Even Google doesn’t help. I say, go hang!

Tera kya hoga, Adithya?

(pat comes the reply) Kuch nahin honewala!!

In the same tone as Madhavan from Anbe Sivam- Ennaku onnume theriyala(I don’t know anything). I am useless, sir.

Death Cab for Cutie plays in the background:

My brain’s repeating
“if you’ve got an impulse let it out”
But they never make it past my mouth.

Baa bah, this is the sound of settling
Baa bah, baa bah

It was my choice, you remind me? No thanks, I still remember. I don’t suffer from short term memory loss. But then I realize, its just a matter of time. It took seconds to go and read this. It made me smile. Or I just choose to smile.

Thank you, BG. For your spoken snippets are truly awe-inspiring.


9 thoughts on “Temperament Goes Boink!

  1. Yeah, it was your choice, they say. The retort is that it’s your choice to complain about it too. Once in a while, it’s not that bad.
    Thanks for the link. It’s just not a smile that it brings. Rather, a “feel-good” feeling. :D
    By the way, C&H fan? Guessing it from the title of the post…it’s like Hobbes and his immortal lines: “Scientific progress goes boink”. ;)


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