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Overhearing and Eavesdropping

Overheard in Raleigh:

Over reactive Computer Engineering students:

Girl: Heyyy, what are YOU doing in EB (Engineering Building)?

Boy: (WTF, what kinda question is that) Err..well, I came to walk my dog. Can you see my dog?(shows something imaginary to his left) Bark Tommy bark. Bark at her!

— Port City Java, EB II, Centennial Campus.


All Nighters and Body Clocks:

Guy 1: Dude, start coding. We are putting all nighter today.

Guy 2: Crap. Its not an all nighter if you wake up at 4 in the evening.

— 2512 Avery Close, Avent Ferry Road.


Overheard in Bombay:

Problem of plenty:

Chick: He loves me so much. I am really happy with him.

Guy: Glad to hear that!

Chick: And I wanted to meet you because I still love you.

Guy: WTF!

— Cafe Mondegar, Colaba.


Lost in Translation:

Guy 1: Oye, get the ball….Yikes! Watch out man! That car was speeding, saale kalyan hota tha tera!

Guy 2: Kalyan hota tera in Tamil would mean ” you would’ve got married“.

Guy 1: Oh, is it? Hmmm…saale kalyan kabhi nahin hota tera!

— Lokhandwala, Andheri(W).


Overheard in Bangalore:

Fun with directions in the Garden City:

Traffic Police: Sir, you have to go straight on airport road, take inner ring road and join Koramangala.

Wife: I don’t understand this outer ring and inner ring road concept. So where are we now?

Husband: I think this is outer ring road.

Wife: How?

Husband: I saw Accenture and a couple of IT companies around. This got to be the outskirts. We aren’t there yet.

— Outside Innovative Multiplex, Outer Ring Road.


Using namespace std;

Girl: We’ll have kati rolls in Kaati Zone. They are finger licking delicious.

Boy from Bombay: Now, what is a kati?

Girl: It is this paratha rolled in with mixed veg, chicken or whatever you want.

Boy from Bombay: You mean, a frankie? Whats new?

— Taika, Church Street.


Overheard in Madras:

Girl Talk, Guy Talk:

Guy 1: What is it with these girls da? The way they talk, “me the go, have the breakfast..seri pa“.

Guy 2: I know, many do that. Apparently, bad English speaking skills are cool.

Guy 1: Its annoying, trying to be cute!

— Casa Piccola, Khader Nawaz Khan Road.


Superstars and Obsessions:

Guy 1: Why is this city mad about the word “super”?

Guy 2: Huh?

Guy 1: I mean, Chennai Super Kings! Thats all they could come up with? There is definitely a better name!

— Maverick Fitness Studios, Adyar.


Overheard in New York:

I won’t be able to do justice here. Check out the original which was the inspiration for this post. Here you go: Overheard in New York

I was wondering if something like this exists for every city. Something on the lines of the metblogs. It would be nice to have an actual site for Overheard in Bombay, Chennai, Bangalore et al. I am sure we are not short of eavesdroppers!

(Some conversations may sound familiar to some people. Respective people, go figure!)


13 thoughts on “Overhearing and Eavesdropping

  1. loving the “me the go, have the breakfast..seri pa” – i have said that SO many times. :)
    i totally dig the idea of the overheard in .. concept! now boiling on the stove however, chow chow kootu :)


  2. Awesome dude…

    Overheard in Hyd

    Man # 1. Standing in koti, charminar kaise jaana mian?

    man # 2. Seedhe jaana

    Hyderabadi’s understand only one thing, everything is a straight line, no left, no right. Overheard in NY is too gud.


  3. lol @ all nighter.. tried it once.. naasamaa pochu.. spent most of the time chatting and on facebook.. worst part was, took 2 days of sleeping to get back to normal..


  4. LOL! Great post! Overheard conversations are a major source of entertainment in my life too. :P
    Overheard in Paris:

    Girl 1: She told me that some guy was touching her ass.
    Girl #2: What? I can’t believe it. I’ve been riding the RER B for like, six years, and no one ever touched my ass.
    Girl #1: Really? Maybe when it gets warm, you should wear a sarong. I definitely get felt up more when I wear a sarong.
    Girl #2: Yes, good idea. I will.

    Heard in a Metro train.

    Needless to say, I never wore sarongs when summer came. :P


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