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Flashback to a few Januarys!

If you ask any college student in Madras what is synonymous with fun during the dying days of January, you’ll get only one answer. Quite undoubtedly, Saarang, the annual cultural fest of IIT- Madras.

Vice wrote about it. Gapp wrote about it. Some of my friends were talking about the pro-shows this year. All these reminded me of the fun I used to have at Saarang every year. It was quite a laidback month- January. A new semester would have just begun, nice weather in Madras and perfect time to have some outdoor fun. Saarang has always been the most awaited fest of all. I used to spend all day at the IIT campus participating mostly in quizzes during the day, just hang out, see the sexiest girls in Madras ;), and stay back for some pro show in the evening.

They were 4-5 days of non stop unadulterated fun. The first time I attended Saarang was during my second year in 2005. The light music pro show had KK giving a fabulous performance. The subsequent years, I was more active, participated in more events, and just made sure I was inside the campus most of those five days. Either it was a quiz, some random event or some pro show in the evening. The pro shows I’ve attended so far had Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Global Rhythms and a few rock shows. One of the most memorable times I’ve had at Saarang has been mentioned a lot of times in this blog- the night after light music finals- the lone wolf quiz finals which was from midnight to sunrise. That day was completely spent inside the IIT campus and we returned home at six in the morning.

The event also meant, you meet a lot of people. A lot of old friends, make new friends, some famous faces, some faces you recognize but not necessarily know and the likes. It may make some people look like wannabes just being there but if this event was not organized as widely and as perfectly as it is done, it wouldn’t be this big. You really got to give it to the IITians for making Saarang one of the best cultural events in India. Even Malhar cannot be compared to the ranks of Saarang.

All said and done, the memories I’ve had in that vast IIT campus, make it all the more unforgettable. The 2008 edition ended yesterday. I just wish I was there!


8 thoughts on “Flashback to a few Januarys!

  1. People turned to pirates of Indian Ocean in the queen of Sheeba event in saarang 2008.People are searching for items like Johnny Depp unfortunately there is no Kiera knightly in the crowd.Yelling, laughing and flirting are the three activities happened during karthick concert.
    Besides this, singer karthick sung some good peppies from the nice movies in Saarang 08. If you missed the event by partying with friends ,another chance for you to watch the event again. catch the videos in


  2. I went there this time… Sonu nigam’s show was BAD. He just came to probably show-off his physique, throw his jacket off et al… there he was.. vanished after 1 and half hr of “performance”…


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