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Best of 2007

Here is another cliched post with best movies I’ve caught up with in 2007. Inspired from Gauky. Not getting into the details of many though. This is in a rush. There is just 6 hours left for 2008. Its already 2008 in India anyway!!


On pure cinematic class and my opinion:

9. Om Shanti Om

Yes. We can do with some mindless fun. Though this was no Main hoon na.

8. Guru

Not Mani Ratnam’s class but still a good movie with a Fountainhead kinda ending. Not many people got it I guess

7. Life in a Metro

Very Very nice!!

6. Jab We Met

This was awesome. A must watch movie. Kareena is likable for once. Shahid is good. Excellent movie.

5. Black Friday

Amazing movie. Totally hard hitting.

4. Chak De India

SRK reminds you of Swades. The other movie where he played a character. Immensely touching and the girls rocked.

3. Manorama Six Feet Under

Slow paced but who the hell cares. Never thought film noir could be seen in India. The movie totally rocked.

2. Johnny Gaddaar

Another neo noir effort and it left everyone speechless. Amazing performances, amazing story, perfect film.

1. Taare Zameen Par

Bhavya thought I was not praising this movie enough. I don’t know why I gave damp squib reaction but the movie touched everyone. Truly heartfelt. The movie and my reaction to Bow :p

Of the Tamil movies, I liked Mozhi best. The other top notch movies were Chennai 600028, Evano Oruvan, Pachaikili Muthucharam, Sivaji.

In English, yet to see Sweeny Todd, Superbad, Michael Clayton. Knocked Up was one good comedy. No Country for Old Men was art-ish but a very good movie nonetheless. Eastern Promises, not a new concept, but for Viggo Mortnesen’s and Naomi Watt’s performances, a must-watch. Pirates of the Carribean was awesome. Not like the earlier parts but the climax and the indecisive storyline actually clicked. Bourne Ultimatum was the best action movie of the year. The Bourne series has to be on anyones DVD collection! I am Legend was entertaining. The empty Manhattan streets really amazed.

Did I miss anything?


8 thoughts on “Best of 2007

  1. 1. No country for old men. (My props??)
    2. You make me want to watch Tare Zameen Par.
    3. Christmas and that @##@ Christmas music is over. Can we please stop the snowfall. I’m having enough snow here. Please.


  2. oh nice nice read…and you just wrapped up the whole of the movie list of Bollywood in some nice,concise lines ,loved it and i am gonna go for the movies I missed!! thank you once again Adi :)


  3. Ada pavi .. u have seen more tamil and hindi movies sitting in the US than i have :)) .. U missed out some movies i loved tho .. Simpsons !! Transformers !


  4. OMIGOD…Taare Zameen PAr was lowely…….saw it day before….. but id still put that as no2…..for me JWM was totally different….TZP had the usual drama in it….


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