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A: This country is awesome. Its so “free”.

Me: hmmmmmm

S: Go hang. This is not meant for me. I cannot go to the tea shop down the road to have my favorite 50p toffee. I, like hell, have to go all the way to Wal-Mart for that after pleading someone for a ride.



11 thoughts on “:))

  1. A is a ABCD

    You re you

    S rocks!

    So does India!

    MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I will live here for another year and half minimum!



  2. A BIG WTF …. What the heck is free here dude ? The extra ranch sauce in subway or is it the Mayonaise ? ooh ooh.. no… the free pizza given in campus ? ooh ooh.. this one this one free supply of water at colonial arms ? … We very well understand that you had to spend thousands of crores in India for NM bakery puffs etc… Its sad they heavily charge for those in India… what to do!!!!


  3. Not that I dont crave for that cutting chai myself but I do not think you can over-look that extra wee bit of individual freedom that our country sadly has not been very generous with.Mebbe times will a change,and we all wait for the change to happen.I am not on anybody’s side but am speaking as a citizen of the world.


  4. @litun:

    the way you phrased that, its easy to misunderstand :p

    but, no one is overlooking the pros here.its just that people are unwilling to get settled into the systematic mould of life in america.its not easy to do that coming from india.and more often than not, people love the fast lane, touch-n-go kind of life.

    one of my friends once said, its just that the more time you spend in this country, the more comfortable you become. its quite its just a matter of time.whether its good or bad, its to each his own !


  5. Hey, how come you suddenly shifted to wordpress? And I can see you’ve imported all your previous posts here. Did wordpress allow you that feature? and could you import all the comments as well?


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