OSO Review and Other Randomness

Om Shanti Om did not exactly rock but did not suck either.SRK still rocks.Deepika is destined to rock.Farah Khan doesn’t try harder as expected.What rocked: Spoofs,spoofs and more spoofs. Sets on fire scene. Filmfare awards sequence. SRK and Farah’s ability to laugh at themselves. That award acceptance speech. The 31 stars song( Dance was brilliant!). Second half except for climax. Deepika. SRK.

What sucked: No great one liners. Lack of memorable humor sequences. Overacting(thought deliberate) by few of the cast.Overall music. Some copycat scenes like this one. And the climax! What the hell was that all about?

So we get a just about ok movie in the end. Watchable for Deepika! And SRK of course.

On a more serious note, nothing much happened since. Few birthday parties. Many project submissions. Few grade scares. Many more songs for the play list. One friend is going places. One friend, apparently, is going around. Clicked some pictures under the beautiful fall colors which have already disappeared. Just in time. And so, just in time, patched up with a favorite friend. So things are fine. Like Aks wrote recently, not much has changed.


5 thoughts on “OSO Review and Other Randomness

  1. Just saw oso today .. was pretty bad .. Comparable to Azhagiya Tamizh Magan which is thought was slighty better than this .. Both had good songs , good heroines .. Mokkai stories tho :-P


  2. nice nice post!! esp the last few lines where you tell about a friend of your’s going around…you captured the changing lives of people around you..hehe!! and now do not complain blogger buddy:)


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