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I wonder…

Its been four months and I have not seen even one Indian girl here in my university come to college in salwar kameez/churidaar or something.Maybe not the greatest of things but it is something that stands out. At least for someone like me coming from a college that followed strict dress code and all that. Yes, at present, Raleigh is very cold.But this has been the case right from when I landed here.So I wonder why….This is probably an excuse for a post.I do have do have more important things to think about.This just popped up in my mind today.Please feel free to leave your comments.Whoever you are.Desi, ABCD and the Indian BCD(I made this up!).

10 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. lol!! i remember “somone” saying this to me..When in Rome, Do As the Romans Do :P
    ipo ena achu uanku…neye solitu..neeye complaint panare.. :P


  2. It’s true. When I’m in Canada, I live in jeans, tees, hoodies etc. When I attend bhajans etc I always wear salvar or kurti’s… In India, I LIVE in salvar’s. I guess it just depends on where I am and the area. If I wore a salvar in school i’d just be attracting attention (and not always good attention).


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