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Chennai 03:11 PM

An unexpected mail from Suraksha, apologizing for spamming my account, informed me of this upcoming event. Some nice people in Chennai have decided to coordinate a mass photography event to capture one second of life in the city. A sort of a time capsule, in Suraksha’s own words.

So this November the 3rd at exactly 03:11PM, be ready with your camera, be it a 9MP or simple VGA, to capture that single moment of your life in Chennai. Just take a shot of what you are doing at that instant. Maybe at work, outside in the traffic, enjoying the rains(if they last till then!) or anything for that matter.

Its not for any great cause, but just to let fellow Chennaiaites know what was happening at that moment in your life and share it with everyone. Take the snap and upload it on 03:11PM flickr pool.

Why 3:11 you ask? Apparently Ganesh and friends decided to have it in sync with the date 3/11. Also a random fact:Your gmail inbox size increases at the rate of 311 * 10-6 MB per second. I had to spy on the chat between Ganesh and Sylvester on facebook for that!

For more, visit

I cannot participate being so far away from Chennai. So, just waiting to see all the interesting pics that could possibly turn up!


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