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Have you heard of Edulix?No?To cut a long story short, Edulix is one of the prime reasons why(or rather how) I chose a good university here in America.

Edulix is an online community/forum where aspiring students can get an insight into the process of acquiring International education.It helps an estimated 2 million international students on selecting universities, the application process, the red tape and all the pre-departure blues.Everything until you land in the university of your choice and maybe, beyond.

The forums have been active and growing in the past six or seven years catering to students from wide backgrounds and disciplines.Edulix has a good mix of seniors with a lot of experience in graduate life and the application process.The membership is touching 27000 and has grown by 60% since August 2006.

The guidance does not stop with selecting the correct universities for your profile but continues till your Visa interview, its nuances and subtleties and even your pre-departure shopping!Seniors, who have been around include students from universities like University of Texas at Austin, Pennsylvania State University, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Tech, University of Southern California, University of Rochester, University of Massachusetts at Amherst,Oxford etc.

So, if you are dreaming of a higher education abroad, joining Edulix could possibly be your first step.You can start from here –

Good Luck!


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