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Aazadi.Dil Ki.

No. This is not about that old Pepsi ad featuring Azharuddin and SRK.

This is my version of what Abhi Gopal recently posted.I thought it was nice.

Who wouldn’t like to….

…get drenched in the first showers of monsoon without a single thing to worry about in the world

…have Vada Pav near Bhavans or Pav Bhaji with extra pav in Juhu beach!

…take the bike and ride away wherever your heart takes you.

…drive the car on empty roads at 5 am all the way till Bessy.Only for that song to be played 5 times over.

…call people at 10pm and chat till 2am.

…not worry about the future, the tomorrow or the assignment due in half hour.

…leave home at 5pm and come back 6 am in the morning and leave for college at 7am.You did not go to the lab, you did not code, you did not sit in the library with some nerd in that period from 5pm to 6 am.Instead, you attended a quiz, a concert by KK, watched a teen movie and had rum.

…eat three course meal twice a day and not worry about fat and calories.

…walk around the streets of Lokhandwala at 1 am spotting a known face every 200 metres.

If only, the place was something called India.An awesome place to be!


6 thoughts on “Aazadi.Dil Ki.

  1. lol..awsome..only thing u can do is COME BACK!! :P
    awww….Pav Bhaji with extra pav in Juhu beach is heaven!!!…i miss it soo much!! :(


  2. :D….. somebody is craving :D……. for something…. I see I see… I know how i can make it worse….. but i won’t I’ll just say…


    It’s gonna be ok…. :D…..


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