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Putting Things into Perspective

I came across this article in one of the Chennai Metblogs. It talks about brain drain, the reason for it and the impact of 9/11. You can read it here.I don’t agree with the whole point of view the article takes. The reasoning is done on the basis of an American’s supposed poor opinion of Indians, the shootouts in American schools and the incidents in New Orleans. Its a very half baked reasoning.

First of all, Americans are not dumb or logically challenged like many people believe. They are very hard workers, who put a lot of effort into doing something innovative all the time. Sample Sudpita’s Mythbusters. Secondly, they appreciate individual freedom like no other. An individual’s work is appreciated immensely in this country. It is encouraged wherever you go in the US. An American family lets their children on their own once they turn 18. Which other culture demands such independence? In two months I have seen a lot of young Indian men in the US struggling to adapt to that culture here. They cannot live alone or manage with their roomies for nuts!

The first words I heard here in the orientation were: “Americans are not like what you see in the movies.We don’t carry guns, we don’t do drugs, we don’t have sex with everyone“. Those are golden words.Never let any of those Hollywood flicks push you into some sort of a prejudice. Chandler, Joey, Ross and the gang appeared only for half hour every week. Only that time was spent in Central Perk. They all had a job and struggled to make a living rest of the time. Like you do.

So, this one dimensional view of the author is what I couldn’t agree with. No culture is perfect. For every great mind, there would be some Britney Spears. But thats not for us to take. The good things need to be weighed upon more carefully. I would have loved the article if this view was taken into account when examining why people wish to live in the US.

Ultimately though, it bogs down to the question of perspective. Its really all about an individual’s perspective. I may not want to earn crores of money. My friend may do. I may go back to India. My friend may not.

Only yesterday there was a dinner time discussion with my roomies when one of them was talking about how a car is a necessity in USA but not in India. I had to intervene. He said considering the unruly traffic in Chennai, who would buy a car. My other roommate and I disagreed. If you are passionate about driving(like me and my friend) you’ll definitely buy a car wherever you are on earth! Its as simple as that.

The perspective is all that matters.


5 thoughts on “Putting Things into Perspective

  1. Britney is planning to do a post doc in eliminating the error function in simultaneous heat and mass transfer problems. Please lay off her.
    I agree and disagree about some things. But all I can say is….. I know.


  2. You’re right — it is all in the perspective. But I wish we all were more informed before we passed off judgements on everything and anything. Well written!

    P.S. – Can you update my name on the blogroll and set the spelling right? :)


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