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The Sound of Music

I’ve been on my toes for the past few weeks thanks to the usual rigor of grad school.Just last night while going to Centennial Campus in Prasanth’s car, I was reminded of some old film songs and a lot of thoughts came to my mind.Most importantly the fact that, I don’t listen to music as often as I would like to.I usually cannot listen to music while reading,jogging,driving etc.Basically, I cannot do anything other than concentrating on the music, the lyrics when it is on.Here are some of the songs that I’ve been craving to hear for sometime now.But just not able to find the time to.
  • Yeh Honsla-Dor
  • Khamosh Raat-Takshak
  • Dare you to move-Switchfoot
  • How far you’ve come-The Wallflowers
  • Malarodu Malar-Bombay
  • Dilbar Mere-Satte pe Satta
  • Kahani Mohabbat Ki-Strings
  • Bikhra Hoon Main-Jal
  • Scar Tissue-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Good Riddance-Greenday
  • Oh Vennila-Kadhal Desam
The list is actually endless.Its not that these are not accessible.The I-pod is right behind my laptop.There is always youtube.For a short break I even listened to Bombay Jayashree and Priya Sisters today(they are Carnatic Vocalists for the uninitiated).But its all about the freedom to choose what you want to do and when you want to do.Yeah, you may say I could have listened instead of blogging this.But then, I am answerable to my readers,ain’t I?They constantly keep looking for something new on this page. ;)

5 thoughts on “The Sound of Music

  1. and you know what,as a angry retaliation to the immense work load we all have been put through ,I just caved in..I listened to songs,sang them,dreamt of being in them,dancing,longing and I feel much better!!
    So why dont you just go for the pod behind the laptop instead of the intimidating laptop??


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