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A Night at the Yard Sale

Never have I had an all night session of studying for the next morning’s exam.I usually give up by 11.30 or so however bad the situation is.The last and one of the most memorable all night out I did was at the IIT Madras fest Saarang 2007 when me and a bunch of friends attended the light music finals and the midnight to sunrise Lone Wolf quiz.We made the most of it and it was a night to remember.Amazing quizzing.I even answered a question which none of those quizzing Gods could get ;-).And yesterday, again, I did an all nighter for something called the Yard Sale.You may think I am desperate but thats how things work out among the student community here at the US.Or so I hear.

We reached the venue at about 8.45 pm and saw about 10 people ahead of us already sitting in front of the door.The sale was to open next day morning at 7.30.The amazing(or is it not so amazing?) thing was the fact that all of us were Indians and grad students.

The crowd started coming in slowly and everyone just sat around the group already sitting.Some wise guy wanted to form a line and started announcing some rules and shit.Some quarreling,cursing and abusing followed by a lot of commotion at 10pm outside a Church in the United States of America!!

Bharath and I did not sleep all night.Almost everyone had short naps in regular intervals.There was a group that was playing Dumb Charades.And some seniors bought Veg Pulao for people they knew at around 2 am.We just stuck to chatting,making jokes,strolling to the nearest Harris Teeter thats open 24hrs.And of course there was Ipod to give company.I watched Finding Neverland for the nth time.One of my SVCE seniors entertained us by imitating Chinese accents.Jolly good time.

It was quite a different feeling to stand up and look around the place seeing people lying down and sleeping.These people who all had a bike of their own back in India.These people who got a car when asked for.These people who had dinner served at their tables.And cleaned.

There was more commotion in the morning as some other wise guys realized there was a mistake in the way the queue was formed the previous night.The Yard sale reps themselves pitched in and organized us into fifteen member queues who were supposed to be let in in batches.

Finally the doors opened and everyone made a beeline to the couches,mattresses,tables,chairs.We decided we did not want a couch so went for the tables,chairs,dining tables and some diwan sort of thing.

To plagiarize(I hear this word a lot in the US!) a famous ad-campaign, here is what we got after waiting for around 12 hrs:

Two huge tables – $15 each
Chairs – $5 each
Extendable Dining Table – $10
Small Diwan sort of thing – $15
Shoe Rack – $10
Study Table – $15
Grater and Drainer – 50 cents
Expression on my mom’s face when she learns her son sat on a platform all night to get some used seconds stuff – Priceless!


16 thoughts on “A Night at the Yard Sale

  1. hehe..!! really nice read! and more than the yard sale,the spirit of the whole thing you observed must have made you come up with such an interesting piece,isnt it?


  2. Hmm…which university? Me still stuck out here…completing my final yr in electrical in this god forsaken town called jamshedpur :-(


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