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Summer of ‘9X and ‘0X

She was that female who L introduced to us,don’t you remember?Near that gola stand outside the campus.She was in L’s school.
Oh yeah,I saw her at Andheri few days back.We boarded the same bus,and guess what,we got down the same stop too.She lives in Embassy.

Dude,I liked that step.
Did you?Yeah H was creative enough.Its difficult to dance to that song.
Yeah,we did well.

You know, S got caught for making out in the public.They were “lati charged”.

Were you having the problem?
Yes,I was.So mom didn’t like it.

Dude,com to Hrushikesh.We’ll play for some more time.I am not fully wet yet.
No way.I am not coming.I don’t even know half of them there.
Huh,why Hrushikesh?
Arre,these people have some personal mamla at Hrushikesh.

How are S and N?
S is not with N.S has found someone else.
Oh.Talk about losing contact.

Dei,get into the car da.
Yeah,AC car till Poonamalee.
Lets go.

How am I supposed to have it?
This is your first time.Have it slowly.Don’t drain the glass in a gulp.

Lets take the car,ask the driver to leave.
But he has to go back home for that.
That won’t be a problem.I am driving from there.

We are not telling this to anyone,should we?
I don’t think so.They may not understand.
We are not going around,are we?

Fine,I’ll have non veg next time.And you’ll have vodka.
Damn,thats easy.No fair.

I was looking at zodiac compatibilities.
What did you find?
Scorpios best match with Capricorns.
Aren’t you a Capricorn?
I am.

Abey,V is getting married.P is totally broken.
Saale,I don’t even know she is getting married.
At least,am broken.Girls like V getting married so early.Where is this going yaar?
Its a sad life.

You are a perfect guy.
Oh yeah,ideal husband eh?
Looks like someone’s got some ideas.
Maybe :P
I’ll keep my options open!

What makes you think you made me mad?
No way, mister.
Have your say!

How is my love?
Which one?
I thought I was clear enough.

Like one of my blog friends wrote,we are so hung up on nostalgia right now,you really wish there was a time machine that will take you back to relive those memories and conversations.

Otha baadu,even classes have not started yet,talking about going back.

It goes on…..Happy Friendship Day!


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