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Of Mokkais and Excerpts

Mokkai == Tamil for a PJ

Some choicest moments between me and my friends over the years.

->Compiler lab break
Chandler: They have not started post production for MI:3 yet.How the hell will they release it in one month?
Adi: Yeah,how ? :O
J: Adhan Mission Impossible :P

->Symposium Candid Camera with Quiz Team
Ajay: Ok, Gaurav. Am taking a close up of you. How comfortable are you with close ups.
Gaurav: I use Colgate.

->In Vilok’s car
Vasanth: Yeah that thing energizes you.It has some herb.
Vilok: Yeah.Ginseng and Guarana.
Vasini(suddenly into the convo): Hey idiot.Thats Dolce and Gabbana.
Adi,Vilok and Vasanth: ROFL

->In Richie street
Bhavya : ……. ? ( Some Question )
J : Curiosity killed the cat
Bhavya : What was the cat curious about ?
J : Abt how many lives it had
Bhavya : Hmm , so it killed itself to find out how many lives it had
J : Yea,Nice Theory
Bhavya : But how did curiosity kill the cat then ?
J : It got curious 9 times .

->In the classroom
Chandler: Hayu, you need to know a few things now that you are going to the States.
Adi: Yeah,you better learn.
J: Have you heard of dotted condoms?
Hayu: Huh?Dot Net?
J,Adi,Chandler: :O :))

Vilok: Dude,I made a joke.You wanna hear?
Adi: Sunao!
Vilok: What if you took an Indian Astrologer and some hot pop stars and made a movie?
Adi: ??
Vilok: Joshi and the Pussycats

Vilok: I made a joke da.One day three math.h functions are chatting.sum(),sin() and average().Suddenly average() started abusing everyone.Why?
Vilok: Because he was MEAN!
Adi: Grrr.
Vilok: Tell this to Juju da.He’ll explain some sexy logic and say why the joke is funny.


10 thoughts on “Of Mokkais and Excerpts

  1. I want a “Of Mokkais and Excerpts – Part II” post… compile more u lazy bastard… 4 years… there’s gotta be more…


  2. Amaaaaaazing.. We should start a group mokkai blog, where everyone posts they’re mokkais :-)


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