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Sivaji kicks ass!!The movie is an ultimate entertainer and total paisa vasool.However astronomical the prices maybe.The cheapest ticket in Bangalore is 200(not black) and thats what I paid for to watch it second day.

Trust me, its worth all the hype and the movie is much better than even Anniyan.Rajni just reaffirms his Super Star status and how!He is just splendid in every frame especially in the second half.This is probably his best movie after Thalabathi.But yeah don’t look at logic and all that.Like someone said,”Forget logic, watch Rajni’s Magic”.

Only flipside is, the first half is too slow.But Rajni and Vivek’s comedy will leave you in splits.Watch out for the spoof on Vadivel.Excellent comic timing from both the actors.

The story is set superbly at the interval and you really look forward for a rocking second half.And you are not let down even one bit.The second half is racy, and totally belongs to Rajni.See the part right after the interval when Rajni draws first blood against the villian.The scene at the tea stall outside the Income Tax office.One of the best Rajni scenes ever.Brilliant!

Sivaji just proves why Rajni is superstar, Shankar is a class act and Rahman an ace music composer.Forget meaningful cinema for 3 hours and just watch Rajni.A treat.

And yeah one reason for this post is to brag that I watched it second day :D.


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