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There and Back Again: Minutes in Bombay Part II

Friday programs were great. Morning 10:00 am first day first show of Spiderman 3 at Fame. Sushant and I and all the kids – Mihir, Akash, Supritha, Payal, Palak, Kunmun, Subham, Yuganth and Jagdish. Now this is one thing that happens only in Bombay. Or at least only at Uttara. There has never been any difference between kids and the guys and girls of the building. We play cricket, football together. Sit on the tank and talk till eternity. And even go for movies!

Evening we had dinner at Shweta’s place. We were as happy to see Renuka aunty as she was to see us. Had her Ragda Pattice (the best!) which she specially made for me. I did not have dinner there as me and Shweta went to Pizza Hut to meet Shilpa, Vani and Neha. This was a long pending plan and finally turned out very well. Spoke about all the good times and has beens and the times ahead. Came back at around 11 only and so stayed over at Shweta’s place that night and the next day lunch was also there. In the morning I went back to Uttara to study something for my semester exams. In vain. Once again, it was good food with lot of aam ras (mango juice). Played cricket in the evening with Sushant and the kids and again had Pizza Hut meet (Never let others choose the place!) at 7 with Abhishek, Gaurav and Pradeesh. Rahul couldn’t come as he was reading for his viva.

Abhishek is still the same. His wit. His jokes. His timing in pulling others legs. Gaurav has matured on a bit but Pradeesh again is the same. I gave him very good news as soon as we met. His lady love is going to get married next month and he was the happiest ;)(Don’t ask how I know these things more than him, long story). We spoke about the RGIT gang, the seniors in school, US plans, Pradeesh’s fundae on MS, our fellow classmates, how engineering universally sucks etc. Was really nice to meet these people after a long time. And a “long time” here is not an exaggeration. I had not met these people after tenth as I went to school for 12th and these people went to Junior College. We never met in those 2 years when I was still in Bombay.

Went to Mcdonalds for some dessert with Payal, Palak later that night and made plans of going for a drive early next morning. Supritha was to leave for Pune the same morning but we made her change her plans and come for the drive instead. Drove to Versova beach, Yari Road, back road etc.

Sunday, we had to meet Magesh, my sister’s fiancé who lives in Kandivli. We met him at his place and took him along to Rajdhani , a cult place offering Gujurati Thali and that too unlimited!! There were 12 of us. Us 4, Magesh, Frank uncle, Stella aunty, Payal, Palak, Jayaraman uncle, Sita aunty, and Vikku. And it is the freakin best Guju Thali I’ve ever had in my life. It is truly the Rajdhani of all Gujurathi Thallis. I really hope they open a branch somewhere in Chennai. Amazing service, he just keeps coming to your plate as soon as you finish eating something. You just go on and on and on. Me and Vikku started a race of sorts but I think he went way ahead of me after sometime and so we did not acknowledge it in the end. I had some 15-20 rotis,puris and kulchas and Vikku would have easily had 25-30. And don’t even ask the amount of Aam Ras I had. It was so good. If you ever happen to be in Bombay don’t miss food at Rajdhani. Inorbit Mall. Food court. Opposite Barista.

Back in Uttara, the goodbyes were in order. Spoke to Shilpa and thought we could meet but her stupid examiner called her for some viva thingy. Met Shweta and aunty. Packed up in a hurry and that is probably the end of Bombay for me for a handful of years to come. It’s the end of having a good time with some beautiful people, some very nice people. It’s the end of experiencing a truly awesome city. I don’t want it to be that way. I am just hoping to catch another trip in July. I just don’t get enough of it.

For more on me and my love for the maximum city, see this.


7 thoughts on “There and Back Again: Minutes in Bombay Part II

  1. Hmmm nice account da… and naye u need not make me feel so J da… anyways I guess it was a long pending visit and nice to see u had a gr8 time !!

    Hmmmm and the missing Munshi nagar arch is kinda sad.. though i dont know y !! and seroiusly after doin so many things and goin so many places i expected u to have a vada pav at guptajis for old times sake ;) !!

    P.S – Rajdhani rocks !!


  2. nice da..will consult u on my next visit there…when ever u mean kids what xactly are their sounds a bit deceptive…


  3. MAchan……u bleddy came to bombay and u dint tell me!!!!!! urupuduviya???? Ingaye irukkaen… I would have met you la????? useless!!!!!!! chk my blog btw


  4. Machan… I’m still in mumbai 98209 31887 :)…. wont be back till june…… Im having a blast here :)

    NOW I know why u love Mumbai so much :)


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