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Fantastic Four

Jan gave me this idea. Now that the college has almost ended and we are out (again, almost!) with the B.E tag, this is about all the memorable moments in the past 4 years. And more about the people, who have made it memorable. This is in no particular order by the way.

Ajay: The first person I made friends with. In college. In Chennai. Now Ajay is this geeky guy who knows too much about Computers to give everyone an inferiority complex. He looks like a kid. He was still a kid when he joined college. And you have no idea how he is now. This is one guy who has literally grown up in the past 4 years and I was there to see it. And play a part in it. Our opinions never match. Be it girls or anything for that matter. But still remains a special friend, just because he was the first one!

Alan: Alan’s heart is 24 karat hallmark Gold. Seriously. When it comes to helping others, lending a hand to someone, Hadle would be the first one to do so. It is both his strength and weakness. Weakness because he tends to get too sensitive and emotional. Can’t forget the work we did during symposium et al. No matter how many flip sides he could have, this guy would make it big, just for his Extra Large heart!

Vilok: Vilok is fun. The typical Gujju guy. My Hindi speaking buddy in the early years of college. Saala ab cheri tamil bolne lag gaya! Have had so much fun with him. All those movie sessions at home. Even today we had one dude. After a long time!!And the food. Food at Vilok’s place is so awesome. Just too good.

Archana: The good girl! Maybe not really. But so far, Archana has not surprised anyone. Even her mom:p. Archana is nice to be with. You can pull her leg for hours and hours. I would miss those days. Cannot forget the Barista date!!

Chandler: The happy-go-lucky- guy. Maybe not lucky when it comes to girls ;) but surely lucky in all other aspects. He has got the coolest parents for starters! Very down to earth. Very simple. The sort of guy with who anyone would get along.

Ara: Ara is this typical “guy” like someone told me today! No am not expanding on that one. He is kinda unstable most of the time. Not only when he is high! And once you get him high, God save you. Cannot forget the card game he and KB played in Cochin. Amazing times.

KB: KB apparently has a lot of different expansions. Lets stick to Narayan for once here. Nara is rajdhani express. If he starts talking, you cannot understand a thing. He speaks so fast you cannot get a word inside your head. But you gotta give it to the soul of every party. Something that belongs to Nara and him alone. Trust him to liven up any occasion.

Gaurav: Goro the mokkai king. Kadlai king. His mokkais even have an orkut community. Gotta know about Gaurav a lot when we both ended up with our one and only arrear in Engineering in the third semester. We both did not like it and so did everything to clear it up asap. Gaurav is an out and out ladies man and its now become a cliché to call him that. Soft. Sensitive. Sweet are the words most often associated with Gau. Not by me but all the ladies.

Bhavya: Bow rocks!! One girl whose attitude, way of life, everything I love the most. Right from day one. I would like to see all girls like Bow. Life would be so much easier. As far as my life is concerned, Bow has been around a long time and will be for a very long time. She ought to be. She is too good!

Vasini: Vas is the rebel sweetheart. The story of how our friendship started has been told a million times and will be told for years to come. Ok that’s taking it too far. There was a time when I used to feel this girl has to change her attitude a lot but I grew up to realize it is far more comfortable to be the way she is. It really is.We compliment each other too well with regard to that.

J: J is laziness personified. Any time, J would be the most intelligent and most sensible guy in the room. But his laziness really gets to him. If you are stuck on the night before a semester exam and you have some 20 chapters to do at midnight, J would have 10 more. It’s a law. A theorem. There is a proof somewhere for it. J is totally cool.

Bala: Balasoft. The Microsoft enthusiast. The first time I met Bala I thought, ok I could learn basketball from him. After sometime I thought I could learn a lot about Computers from him. And later I thought this guy is such a glib tongue, wish I could talk like him. Bala is jack of many trades. Not all :p. Yet with his weird and insane sense of humor, he’ll make you notice.

Gautham : Wumpus. He is my cousin. I found that out just before joining college. Wumpus is the weirdo whose leg is always there to be pulled. Trust him to make a fool of himself and pay for it. In the form of bumps. I lost count of how many bumps we have given him. Reminds me that one is due! But you do realize that after all the irritating and obnoxious things he does, you cannot ignore him. He is that nice.

Anika: Anika is very special. One of the few friends I got real close to. She is the one who taught me to talk for hours on the phone. I used to consider it such a waste of time. We’ve had our long chats, all night phone calls and every moment with her has been a treasure. She is unforgettable. She is special. Period.

Durba: Durba is the typical “girl”. The sweet talking, mush loving girl next door. Another person who loves Mumbai! Knowing that she is a very clever girl might help you :p.

Ramp: Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Peee was the first guy from college to write my testimonial on orkut. Pee calls me the peanut king junior. But pee is the peanut emperor. Too many pees! Pee is second only to Gau. Pee cracks jokes. Pee clicks pics. Pee draws Batman. Pee is multi talented.

Haresh: Haresh takes life as it comes. And he does make pretty good of what he gets. Any plan. Any place. Any time. You call Haresh and you can be rest assured he’ll be there on time. The other person for whom that’s true is me. Only me!

Santy: Santy is another weirdo who tries too hard to be funny. His jokes will make you frown more than smile. But when Santy and Gau come together, it can get quite comical. Literally.

Aarthi: When you meet Aarthi, beware there is more to her than what meets the eye. She is soft, sweet and all that. But one real KD girl inside. She can be pretty nice too. But maybe she’ll kill me for this:p. I really hope her life turns out the way she wants it to. She would be the happiest soul.

Chidu: Chidu brings a smile to your face. His pure innocence. His spirit crushing sincerity. No one can forget the various digs we have had on this guy especially the ones about his native – Karaikal.

Sunaina: Sunu is the first girl I spoke to in College. Yeah, no big deal but I just remember. First, she may look like the ultimate show off , what with her height ;) etc but she is absolutely down to earth and I am sure people who know her are aware of that because that is the first thing you’ll notice when u talk to her. No airs about her whatsoever. I would love that in anyone

Suprema: Suprema started out as bus stop buddy. She then shifted. And again became bus stop buddy when she came back to West Mambalam. Suprema is a brilliant girl. One good-bad-good thing about her is, she can say anything, anything with a straight face. I like that.

Sujata: I got to know Suji during the symposium when all of us worked our ass off. We have helped each other out during those times and again recently when we applied to the universities in the US. She is going to Brooklyn and she got what she wanted. Kudos girl. Happy Life!

Uma: Uma would make a good teacher. I have not been in the receiving end of that much but I know it for a fact. She is sincere and the one who helps out everyone with the text books, photo copies during the study hols. We all owe a lot to her.

Nataasha: I know I know! I am writing about Nataasha! Nats and I never get along. I do not know who to blame. But this is for all the good times. There has been plenty. The lunch at her place, the party, the study hols times. More often than not, the good outweighs the bad.

Arvind: The Java Guru! PulliG! My project buddy. My exams buddy. I can trust this guy to be in a worse state than myself every time before the exam ;). He is plain. He is kinda innocent at times. The quintessential Brahmin boy!

Rajita: They don’t make them like this anymore. Raji is everything that is maturity. There have been a lot of nice moments with her. And Raji is the other bud with whom I can share all my thoughts about Mumbai. ‘Cause she loves it as much as I do.

Shweta: And the award for the bubbliest girl in College goes to? Shweta Sadani! Shweta has oodles of energy and it shows in the way she talks, the way she sings (remember IV?) and what not. You cannot pull her leg without losing out something in the bargain. She is that clever. She always has something to give back!

Harish: Mammaji! My other project buddy. Mama is damn intelligent. And if mama hits you hard, you better call the ambulance J. Mama is the most sensible among us. Us is the project team of me, mama and Arvind :p.

Hayawardh: Hayu is the scholar. The topper. The guy who only looks “pazham”. Try striking a conversation, you’ll discover Hayu to know a lot of things you thought he wouldn’t know. Hayu the silent killer. The secret keeper. The ?? (Read “question question”).

So that was 4 years. In a new institution. In a new city. It went very fast and I can only wish the last leg stretches as long as possible.


17 thoughts on “Fantastic Four

  1. the fact that i read the entire thing (it’s so bloody long) is testimony to the fact that it was very well written.. All the best in the USA!!!


  2. LOLOLOL!! Well said…such articles make me wanna blog. But J’ness is stopping me from doing that.

    After thinking for about 10 mins i realised fantastic four is 4 yrs in college…Guess I’m “unstable”!!grrr


  3. the butterfly effect :p:p was referring to schmetterling!
    Anyway awesomeee post abt ur trip to Mumbai.. i coud relate to everything u had mentioned!!!
    Inorbit Mall n rajdhani eh…havta c!!!


  4. Dei dont forget to add that it was also a torture for 4 years. It’s easy to become nostalgic and all that, and forget how we struggled.


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