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Pachaikili Muthucharam

Pachaikili Muthucharam

Let’s get this straight.This is not a bad movie.If you are still thinking whether to believe your friend and miss this movie or go watch it and form your own opinion,I would say choose the latter.Don’t get me wrong.I am not saying this is a must watch either.Its a fairly decent effort by Gautham, to make a movie about a middle aged family man caught in a Anbuselvan(or Raghavan) kinda situation.The concept is quite interesting.Clearly inspired by Derailed,it tells the story of a happy family man caught in a cobweb of problems due to his foray into infidelity for some trivial issues with his wife.The movie is fast paced and there is no waste of time in establishing the plot.Gautham has now become a master in handling relationships and he is second only to Mani Ratnam.The Sarath Kumar-Jyotika angle is dealt with a lot of subtlety and is a lot more believable than some run of the mill Tamil movies.

The movie drags in the end and the main flip side is that,it couldn’t help but turn into a typical Tamil movie as the climax nears.Leave out the last half hour,you see a very matured, “non-Tamilisc” effort of film making.

As for the performances, Jyotika and Milind Soman are just brilliant.You never thought Milind could act so well.Sarath Kumar displays subtlety you never knew he could.But I wish Kamal had played this role.

Some of my friends hated the movie.One of my friends’ reaction(a series of yucks and made-to-order vomiting sensation!) to the movie was as if she had seen the most gruesome,dirty and vulgar scene ever.And it was quite exaggerated.It makes you ask,was she an eyewitness to such a thing?The movie is no way as bad as that.You have to watch this movie with an open mind.Most of the people who bad mouthed the movie either got influenced by the immature Chennai crowd around them,or went along with such a group.Come on.If someone on screen says,”I want to make love to you”, and the whole theater goes berserk in laughter and ridicule,a guy in another part of the world would think is he on earth or some other alien planet.Seriously.Chennai.Grow up guys!!


4 thoughts on “Pachaikili Muthucharam

  1. i know what u r talking about!

    its not possible for a lot of ppl to appreciate something on their own…its just the it is n it will be… too much to expect a change!


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