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Black Friday

Black Friday

Very rarely,the hindi film industry produces a gem of a movie, and something that is really worth the astronomical multiplex tickets.Black Friday is right up there.Tracking the “before and after” of the terrible Bombay blasts of 1993,the film gives a detailed and honest account of what really happened.The film defines perfectly what many Indian filmmakers lack today.Courage.Anurag Kashyap tells this solid,riveting story with lots of courage,using real characters,real locations and a gripping non-linear screenplay.The best part about Black Friday is that it gives an account of the blasts,its planning and execution, and the investigation that followed from both the perspectives-the police and the conspirators/accused.One of many traits,this movie shares with another fabulous movie-Munich.

The performances are absolutely first rate.Kay Kay Menon is splendid as ever and Pawan Malhotra is fantastic.Even the small bit parts have been done with finesse by the respective actors.The music score compliments the film in every frame,especially the end credits,with its lyrics and rendition by Indian rock band-Indian Ocean.This is realistic cinema at its best.This is the kind of movie,that must be sent to the Oscars.


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