All those lines that make a difference

All those lines that make a difference

I’ve been a fan of great lyrics.For a long time now.There are songs that I simply like for the lyrics.And sometimes it would so happen that, I will fall in love with a song and later realize that it has beautiful lyrics.So here they are,some of the songs(lyrics in fact!) that have had a great impact on me.

” If you can’t make your mind up,
we’ll never get started.
And I don’t wanna wind up
being parted, broken-hearted.
So if you really love me,
say yes.
But if you don’t, dear, confess.
And please don’t tell me
perhaps, perhaps, perhaps,
perhaps, perhaps, perhaps,

"Hogi hame to rehmat ada,Dhup kategi saaye tale,Apni khuda se hai ye Dua,Manzil lagale humko gale

Zurrat sau baar rahe,Uncha Ikraar rahe,Zinda har pyar raheOoooo"

"Pichhli raat main hum utt utt kechupke chupke roye re pichhli raat mainSukh ki neend main meet hamaredesh paraye soye re sukh ke neend main

Dil ke dhadkanen tujhe pukareAaja balam aayi baharainBaith ke tanhai main karlainsukh dukh ki do batainchandni raatain, chandi raatain Sab jag soye hum jageintaaron se karain batainchandni raatain, chandi raatain"

"Tere dil mein raheinge tujhko apna ghar bana lengeTere dil mein raheinge tujhko apna ghar bana lengeTere khwaabon ko beheno ki tarah khud par saja lengeKasam teri kasamKasam teri kasamTaqdeer ka roog mod denge humAgar tum mil jaoZamana chod denge hum"

"tum kyon chale aate hohar raat in khwaabon meinchupke se aa bhi jaaonek din meri baahon meintere hi sapanen andheron mein ujaalon meinkoi nasha hain teri aankhon ke pyaalon meintu mere khwaabon mein jawaabon mein sawaalon meinhar din chura tumehn main laata hoon khayalon meinkya mujhe pyar hain aahkaisa khumaar hain aah"

"Mana bikhra hoon mein abhiMein ne khuwab piroye thayTeri sanson mein ghum hoon abhiMeri chahat adhoori hai

Mushkilain jab bhi aa jayein giDard hadh se guzar jaye gaKoi ghum na phir hoga mujheGar khuwabon mein tum aao geAb to aadat si hai mujh ko aisay jeenay mein"

"teri aankhainkabhi hon gi na kabhi numtu jo daikh laytho bhula doon mein saaray ghumtu jo chahay thobadlay ga mausum

yeh jo pal haiinhay khushiyon say bhur lo tumwo beethay dinunhay yaad phir say kar lo tumtu jo chahay thobadlay ga mausum

keh dil tu rona nahinyeh khaab adhooray nahinyeh armaan saray terayhon gay puray kabhiek din ayegatu yun ga-ay gaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa ooooo

"I dare you to lift yourself up off the floorI dare you to moveI dare you to moveLike today never happenedToday never happened

Maybe redemption has stories to tellMaybe forgiveness is right where you fellWhere can you run to escape from yourself?Where you gonna go?Where you gonna go?Salvation is here"

"phir se mile johum deewanetoh yeh samjhe, toh yeh jaanehum bhi rahe, rahe yaar humare jahanaaye nahin, kabhi hum mein koi dooriyandil chahta hai"

"kabhi jo khwaab dekha toh mili parchaaiyan mujhko mujhe mehfil ki khwahish thi mili tanhaiyan mujhko har taraf dua dua aur tum aashiyane ki baat karte ho"

"ishq hai…maula mere, maula mere maula mere, maula mere…..mera dil yahi bola, mera dil yahi bola,yaara raaj yeh usne hai mujh par kholaki hai ishq mohabbat, jiske dil mainusko pasand karta hai maulamera dil yahi bola, mera dil yahi bola"

"So take the photographsAnd still frames in your mindHang it on a shelf ofGood health and good timeTattoos of memoriesAnd dead skin on trialFor what it’s worthIt was worth all the whileIt’s something unpredictableBut in the end is rightI hope you had the time of your life"

"I know what nobody knowsWhere it comes and where it goesI know it’s everybody’s sinYou got to lose to know how to win

Half my life is in books’ written pagesLive and learn from fools and from sagesYou know it’s trueAll the things come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the yearsSing for the laughter, sing for the tearsSing with me, if it’s just for todayMaybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away"

"Everything I know,and anywhere I goit gets hard but it won’t take away my loveAnd when the last one falls,when it’s all said and doneit get hard but it won’t take away my love

I’m here without you babybut your still on my lonely mindI think about you babyand I dream about you all the timeI’m here without you babybut your still with me in my dreams"

"You'd have a wonderful dayIf you could see how lucky you areNow don't get carried away with your heartYou're better where you are

You're not the only one Who's failed to hang on to a moving starNow don't be sorry, what's done now is doneAnd this is who you are

These days feel numbered and long There's no one to speak of, there's no one at allBut you're not the reason that everyone's goneThat's not how they are

There is no system to change No conditions are made, no permissions to startNow don't go drawing lines in the sandThat's not who you are

Sometimes a high wall is just a wallSometimes it's only there to make sure you feel smallOr maybe there to save youFrom the depths of a much deeper fall

The truth will not set you freeIt's okay to believe that you're not good enoughGod is not angry, not blind, deaf, or dumbHe knows how far you've comeHe knows how far you've comeHe knows how far you've come"

Wow!Thats become too lengthy.Never mind.This is too less actually.Will gather moreand post afresh!!


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