Tagged again.Makes more sense this time

Tagged again.Makes more sense this time.

Well, Sudish Kamath has tagged everyone who reads his post.And I came across the chain myself in a number of known blogs.Inspired by RDB.But there is a disclaimer that is well worded in sudish’s post which I suggest you read.Here is the list:

A list of things I do to be the change-unconditionally(again,using sudhish’s word):

1)Speak my heart out.Anywhere.Everywhere.

2)Be simple in outlook.Absolutely zero ‘vetti bandha’.

3)Like everyone so far in the chain-follow traffic rules.Nothing new,I always did.I still do.I wish to continue.And I know that a number of people close to me don’t.

4)No smoking.No drinking(as long as possible,apun talli ho kar girke gravity samajhna nahin chahte).

5)Say thank you.To the smallest of help someone does.

6)Give a Smile to everyone.Not just to your friends.Everyone.The people who share your routine,people who stand with you at the bus stop,the local bhel puri fellow.Try it.Feels good.

7)Promote movies like Rang De Basanti,Yuva, Anbe Sivam et al.

8)Promote endavours like The Art of Living Foundation.

9)No littering.

10)Learn to enjoy the subtlelities of life.There is nothing material about it.

I guess thats good for a start.Wish,could do more concrete things but a good beginning is more than half job done.

The other half-people I wish to tag-

1)Archana Vijaykumar

2)Archana Ramesh

3)Gaurav Sundarraman








And I just love this.(who doesn’t):

Ab bhi jiska khoon na khaulla,khoon nahin woh pani hai,
Jo desh ke kaam na aaye,woh bekar jawani hai

7 thoughts on “Tagged again.Makes more sense this time

  1. spk my heart out… anytime anywhere.. ya seen u do this.. stuff like ” vasini , u knew the answer???” with the biggest exclamation mark!!!…


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