The Tagging business continues…

The Tagging business continues…

Well, I have been tagged by rampee and arch! But not one entry for each.The same goes.Here…

7 things I plan to do:

  1. Graduate (yes pee me too)
  2. buy a house in bangalore.
  3. buy a house in cuffe parade/hiranandani in mumbai
  4. live near the beach in besant nagar
  5. get a good GRE score
  6. settle in the US and see for myself if its really worth it
  7. do the advanced course in the The Art of Living foundation

7 things i can do:

  1. Graduate(of course)
  2. read harry potter again and again
  3. watch LOTR again and again
  4. watch any movie at any time of the day
  5. flirt amicably
  6. love each and everyone around me
  7. make others love me

7 things i cannot do

  1. hate others
  2. talk on the phone for more than 15 minutes
  3. talk about other people
  4. hide things from my mom
  5. lose contact with my old friends
  6. study during the night
  7. keep myself from looking at a pretty girl on the road

7 words i use most often

  1. duh
  2. yaar
  3. aehn
  4. whatever
  5. shit
  6. hello
  7. no

7 blogs i wish to tag

  1. gauky
  2. juju
  3. wumpus
  4. bhavya
  5. archana.R
  6. archana.V
  7. ashwin

So,my job’s done i guess.


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