The Inner and Outer World of Aditya

For a change,I decided to write about myself,ala Shahrukh.

I am lazy aberrant,acute,coolheaded,nonchalant,dandy,affable,apathetic,girl
crazy,passionate,reserved,frank and a no-nonsense person.

I am honest to all the people around me but not to myself.Well, at least most of
the time thats the way it is.I am reasonably intelligent I believe.

My hobbies are music,driving,chatting,reading,spirituality(huh!).I love doing Sudarshan Kriya.Thats probably the best thing I’ve done in a long time.

I have many friends.Or rather too many.I am that sort of a person who will fit into any kind of group.And remain true to myself(at least there i manage).Probably because I dont weigh people.I accept people as they are.”How they are”,”What kind are they” dont matter to me.So,as a result,I dont belong to ‘a’ group.

I love girls.I love flirting.I’d love to say “I want to flirt with you” rather than”I love you”.Or even “How ya doin”.Sometimes it shows.I dont care.I enjoy.I live for the moment.

I live on movies.I like all kinds of cinema.I loved Matrix.I enjoyed Memento.I admired Pulp Fiction.I know most of Dil Chahta Hai dialogues by heart.I wake up at 1am and watch Michale Madana Kama Rajan.I have great respect for Rajini.I like the way Vijay dances.I like Surya’s demeanour.I like the way Shahrukh flirts.I admire Kamal Hasan’s passion.For life.To call spade a spade.Something we share.I adore Tom Cruise.And I am in love with all the actresses.

I have not yet fallen in love.True love I mean.I’ve manage to get away with some bawdy things I did.I’ve been there,but stopped.

I like myself.I am not a narcissist.But probably somewhere close.I like others too.I believe you need people beside you in life,to succeed,to appreciate life,to make things easier.I wish I had more friends.Yeah,I really do.I have only some

And I wish this blog never ended.But I am ending it here.I told you.I am rarely true to myself.


9 thoughts on “

  1. I must say, this blog has revealed a lot about you…more than my two year something interaction with you! And, im warned! ;-)…btw, wonder wats Sudharshan Kriya?


  2. Hey dude…wassup? Sorry, mate..I knw you’ve been tryin to contact me today on MSN, but I cudn’t respondto it ‘coz I wasn’t at my Desk. So, how’s life? Seems it both sucks and rocks alternatively for you at SVCE, eh?

    I guess the initiation was from my part that I posted the link to my blogs on MSN and u did that too. It’s great to see my friends blogging too, trust me! And I find it a great way to keep in touch with folks. Agree with Archana a lot, as written here…”I’ll probably find out more about my old friends here than I would through a phone call, once in a blue-moon.”


  3. hmmm…good job da….nice to know more abt u except for the fact u have censored a few of those bawdy things..lol….and the million dollar question what is sudarshan kriya


  4. Probably because I don’t weigh people.

    I REALLY liked this.

    And flirting. People talk about it as if it is a bad thing. Such innocent fun that makes people happy with no harmful side effects. :)


  5. Nope. :D

    Stuff for the ages. It is only when I read the about section that I realized that this used to be a regular thoughts blog that slowing changed to a movie review blog. I read reviews of only few movies but I love regular rants. So I am trying to dig in.


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