Who’ll Pull the Chain?

To stop train pull chain.All of us have seen that in some point of our lives while travelling in a train.Very few of us would take it in a very practical way that can be used in our everyday life as a very important phrase.

Referring to the recent Ganguly-Chappel spat,its going on like a bullet train with its breaks gone bust.The professionalism of the Indian Team is in doldrums and so is its future.The egotism of Ganguly stands tall amidst the calm sauve Greg Chappel.

Sourav Ganguly is at the acme of the whole problem.Choosing to wash dirty linen in public,he has put the very foundation of a team that he so aggressively built in shambles.Sourav’s intentions were though,clear.He wanted to prove a point to his coach but that is something to be discussed inside the dressing room or dealt with silence.This strategem has backfired on Ganguly and he now finds himself answerable to the team,the coach and the cricketing community.

The man who has emerged strong from the whole issue is undoubtedly Greg Chappel.He has remained largely silent and that has kept him in good books.Finally we have a man who is ready to go against an ageing captain who has been unfit since long,and could not put bat to ball unless its coming from the hands of a Zimbabwean or a Kenyan.The coach has to be appreciated in this regard to take a bold stance in front of so many power players of the Indian Cricketing community.

The solution to this issue lies in building up unity among the rest of the team members,and preferably Ganguly forgetting his ego and returning to his pre-Aus tour days when he had so much of respect for Chappel.

And of course,the return of Sachin Tendulkar is much awaited.Its taking too long.There will be a tinge of maturity if he comes into the side as being the senior most players and one of the most respected,he is sure to keep up discipline inside and outside the dressing room.

Hope, all this happens and Team India returns to its 2003 World Cup days with all its guns blazing.


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  1. Hmm…Being India’s most successful test captain so far, Ganguly should’ve just stepped down gracefully before it came to this… Nice post..


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