A Hitch-hiker’s Guide to SVCE

Officially known as:

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, but it’s just SVCE for the layman.


Almost Kanchipuram is what people in the city would mislead you into thinking. ‘Outskirts of the city’ is another popular phrase used. But that means it is just 37km from the city.


Amazingly diverse, form the ‘hep’ to the ‘happening’, we have it all. You’ll find the ‘pazhams’, the ‘kadalais’ and the ‘peters’. The last one is mostly found among girls. And you’ll also find the ‘local’ fellows who do not fall under any of these categories just because they would have coined these evergreen names. One important characteristic of the ‘local’ people is that, they consider talking to girls as some kind of a crime.

Dress Code:

Almost the entire college wears the same kind of clothes. The lawmakers are never sure about the theories. The one that stands out is the theory of ‘T-shirts with pockets’. The staff is totally divided on this issue. Nobody really knows and nobody really cares. If you are trying to make a fashion statement of any kind, you are in for some trouble from the top. Kareena, Shahrukh and Beckham are a strict no no. Only churidhars for girls but nobody seems to notice when they wear jeans with their salwars. You’ll meet the occasional fashion guru – who some of the professors would put – come for a fashion show. And don’t forget the first years who redefine egotism. A weekend visit to Sathyam or Pizza Hut brings all the above theories tumbling down.


The trees outnumber the buildings but still there are too many of them. So vast, that the campus tours arranged in your first year are a major draw.


Looks like the mess of some Fortune 500 company. The ambience speaks for itself. But sadly inside, you get only ‘white stones’ – that’s idly for you, the name coined by hostelites. You can also have dosas, the thickness of which can be measured using the scale in your bag. No Chinese or Italian here. Just four or five stuffs that go in an infinite loop.


This is a tough one considering the college itself hangs out of the city. Mr.Nair simply doesn’t have to worry about any competition outside the college. The ground floor of the library is very popular among the utterly jobless unless you are looking for IEEE journals etc. And as always, there Ganapati Bappa. A very nice place to complete your record.


A relatively new entry to the list of status symbol specifications If you don’t own a camera phone at least manage to get your picture in one of them. Of course, with the ban now in place, you find phones only under socks or in the tiffin boxes. The craze for colour phones has not really caught on, the proof of which is my survival.


Very experienced and highly qualified, the staff commands respect. Some painful professors speak in the most annoying dialect of the English language that literary experts have yet to decipher.

College lingo:

“Awesome machan”,”Enna thala?”. There are some who speak completely in English but they are considered show-offs. However, don’t be surprised if you come across a Hindi speaking guy. We’ve got a lot of them.


Learn Tamil if you plan to come here. Otherwise you’ll end up suffering from acute anti-social syndrome.

P.S-By the time I post this, the t-shirts(all kinds) have been banned in the college.!!


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  2. Welcome to Censorship…SVCE Style…What say we start this online underground edition (like a blog or wiki) where people like you and me (ya! i too got censored a lot!) and others can post our stuff…i’m game what about the rest?!


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