Aehn?…Thats the sound(?) or the reply that a very well known person showers on me everytime i speak to him…Not that he is deaf but its just his habit. You just wont miss it. If you know him, you cannot resist making it famous..exactly what iam doing now..

But why you may ask..A series of unfortunate events..Yes!A series of unfortunate events in the city i live in, have made me say Aehn?…now a substitute for “What Crap?”.

Recently, many colleges around chennai have come up with dress codes for the students.Most of them going about banning t shirts…duh!This is the extent colleges could go on donning the role of moral parenting.I ask, how does the outfit determine who you are?Or how does the things you wear influence you to the extent that institutions think you are not worthy of them?

Next on the pipeline is banning jeans.Its already banned in most of the engineering colleges.Now, the govt institutions too are following suit.Isn’t it that the best in anyone comes when he or she is given the well deserved freedom?It is when you are curtailed and stopped trying to change, does the minds go idle and perverted.Wonder when the authorities running these institutions would get that right?I would seriously recommend “Who moved my cheese” to these people.

Chennai by itself is known to be boring and stagnant.When will it learn to change, only time will tell.And there would be new bans by then….Aehn?


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